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Restorative agriculture & renewable energy on the future homestead | Joshua Morris | TEDxMissouriS&T

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Josh Morris is a retired Army Ranger who became interested in historical human conflict. From his research, Josh presented about how throughout history, conflicts have almost always been fou...

Growing Organic Food with Garden Towers: Clark's Family Homestead in Brown County, Indiana

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Family Homesteading with a Geodesic Greenhouse and Garden Towers. Clark and his family connect with their land and take control of their health by growing organic produce year-round with the...

3 Great Vegetable Gardening Books – Homestead Library Collaboration

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Liz from Byther Farm created this awesome collaboration idea for release today so I thought I would join in. Check out her awesome channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe0Ha5QljsCV...

The Rusted Garden Homestead Presents: My Completed Vegetable Garden Toured by CaliKim

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My Main Garden has been completed! CaliKim A.K.A Kim tours The Rusted Garden Homestead. It took me about 90 days to get it from grass to full production. Come see the tour. CameraGuy does a...


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#suburbanhomestead #vegetablegardeningforidiots #frugalliving #dumpsterdivinginamerica #eatwellforless #livingwellonless PLEASE CHECK OUT AND SUPPORT OUR OTHER CHANNELS! The kids' channel ...

Homestead VEGETABLE Garden Tour (Easter 2019)

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Homestead Vegetable Garden Tour (Easter 2019). A look at the annual vegetable garden to see which homegrown vegetables might provide us with an abundance of food from our raised bed kitchen ...

Making Money on a Homestead | How a Hobby Farm Can Help Pay For Itself | Roots and Refuge Farm

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Today I'm answering the burning question, how to you make extra money with your farm. While our farm is not our main source of income, we've had to get resourceful in order to be able to kee...

#1: Indoor Gardening for an Urban Homestead: Part 2

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Some basics on how and why to grow seedlings indoors. Video Rating: / 5

Off grid solar homestead, why Oregon is green.

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A day in a life in wet and wild Oregon. Video Rating: / 5

Preventing Pests with Flowers in the Vegetable Garden – Suburban Homestead EP13

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Flowers are an essential part of an organic vegetable garden. Besides being beautiful, they are also practical. In this video we make a case for planting flowers in the vegetable garden. Cr...

Sustainable Homestead Garden Tips – Learn all about Sustainable Homestead Garden Tips

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Sustainable Homestead Garden Tips techniques that you can use in your everyday garden. Learn sustainable tips to garden naturally. For more gardening tips and tricks visit us at http://goo.g...

How To Cut Metal Roofing With A Circular Saw | Homestead Kids

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How to cut sheet metal roofing with a 7 1/4" circular saw. Roofing metal cuts pretty easily with a skillsaw using a cheap carbide tipped saw blade. It does not need to be an expensive saw - ...

Cheap Homestead Mason Jar Hydroponics

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This video covers making a simple, non-electric, low maintenance, hydroponic set-up from things you have at home, no special tools or equipment. Mason jar hydroponics Video Rating: / 5 ...

Homemade Lumber for the Small Farm or Homestead – The Farm Hand’s Companion Show, ep 5

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In need of lumber to continue building his pole barn workshop, Pa Mac tries a simple method for turning trees on his property into boards. Watch as he demonstrates simple techniques of using...

Result of “Pigs in the Garden” Update June 5,2016 | Homestead Kids

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Watch "The Adventures of Skeeter & Scratch!": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6bZSZAxUoc Have you ever thought of gardening with pigs? Result of "Pigs in the Garden" Update June 5,2016. Wh...