Garden inspiration: tropical paradise landscape design, Philippines

Get a glimpse of the tropical resort-style landscaped gardens in a gated community in the country‚Äôs capital. (Featured landscape architect: Mr. Jojo Lazaro). The charming roadside charm of the residence, composed of colorful blooming orchids, ferns, palm trees and perfectly shaped pruned plants, attracts every passerby. In addition, tropical plants and tree species, such as cucurbits, bromeliads, and bamboo are also incorporated in the landscape design of the facade and different garden parts, thus forming a variety of eye-catching lush greenery with rich textures and colors. Plant mix. Paving stones are decoratively arranged along the perimeter of the manicured lawn, creating accents and paths suitable for morning or afternoon walks. Interestingly, these paths lead to pocket gardens hidden in this sprawling property. The integration of the nipa roof cottage completes the resort atmosphere of the project, perfect for relaxing or just admiring the view of this beautifully designed garden. Or, this is the best place where people can sit down and get ideas and inspiration for their next DIY project (big or small). This garden masterpiece was designed by Mr. Jojo Lazaro, one of the most respected landscape architects in the Philippines. It is worth mentioning that one of his projects appeared in “Philippine Tropical Garden”, a coffee table book published by, co-authored by Lily Gamboa O’Boyle and Elizabeth V. Reyes. For plant supply and outdoor accent requirements for your next DIY garden project or landscape design needs, please contact Mr. Jojo Lazaro and his team through their website Please also follow their social media accounts and To see more Jojo’s wonderful landscape design, please subscribe to this channel. Thanks for watching! Image source: CTTO Soundtrack: “Brazilian Samba” Disclaimer: Michelle.Manila has no business relationship with the landscape architect and the aforementioned companies. .


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