✂️🍃✂️ My top garden design tips for new gardeners‼ ️ || Linda Watt

✂️ 🍃✂️ This garden design strategy does not cost money, but it can greatly improve the appearance of the garden! Before I forget, this is the first time I trim the link of the smaller pod, so you can see how it transformed in the first place. Opening up the shrubs and providing negative space for plants to breathe is one of my favorite things to do in the garden. It can relieve congestion, allow more air to circulate, give play to light, and expose the beautiful shapes of surrounding plants. I have achieved this by reducing shrubs and perennials that are in close contact with other plants, but you can also do this by not planting anything nearby and letting the plants show up in full-give your eyes a break. Don’t neglect the power of creating and using negative space in your garden! Lower back support: Similar hunter boots: SHOP QVC: Join this channel for privileges: ✅ How to join my YouTube channel Instagram on mobile or iPad: Facebook: Pinterest: My USDA Gardening District: 7a *Note this description May contain affiliate links so that you can find the mentioned items for free and support my content. When you use the link listed above, this affiliate link allows me to make a small amount of money. You are not obligated to use these links. thank you for your support! * I recommend the product: Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Food Plus Outdoor & Indoor, 8 lbs Bonide (BND905)-Slug Magic, Garden Snail and Slug Killer granules for organic gardening, Slug and Snail insecticides/insecticides ( 3 lb.) Bonide Captin Jack’s dead insect flower and vegetable garden dust, organic insecticide 1-1/2 lbs. Summit Responsibility Solution Mosquitoes-Quick Kill, 30 oz LiTHELi 20V Cordless 20-inch battery powered hedge trimmer with 2.0Ah battery and charger for brush and hedge trimming, courtyard and garden care Litheli cordless leaf blower 40V, battery blowing Leaf machine is used for lawn care for blowing leaves, dust, debris, light axial flow blower, including 2.0Ah battery and charger outdoor light string 25-foot G40 spherical patio light, with 26 Edison glass bulbs (1 spare), Waterproof attachable chandelier Espoma VM8 8 quart organic vermiculite Centurion 1222 3-piece trimmer, hedge shears and pruning shears combo kit, heavy-duty tree, shrub and bush care kit, suitable for lawns, gardens and courtyards, perfect for indoors For outdoor gardening, branch cutting and plant trimming, Orbit 58993 7 watering nozzle with thumb control, black.


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  • Christine Funk

    Just found you and loving your content, Linda!! Just a newbie question… when cutting back the sedum around the concrete pot, I'm wondering why you clipped it short rather than pull it all from the roots? Maybe you want some of it laying lower, not get rid of it all together?

  • Deani Klein

    I've only been watching your videos a short while and came upon them by accident. I have lived most of my 78 years in the hill country of Texas except for 4 years in central Oklahoma where our daughter lives. We are currently in the process of moving back to Oklahoma around the Chandler area and am so happy to have your videos to show me what I can and can't grow in the area. When we lived there before we tried to have a vegetable garden but the gophers were rampant at our place so that didn't work out too well. I will be better prepared this time with tools I'm learning, not just from you but other helpful gardeners. Thank you for doing these videos and I hope you continue.

  • Jackiemoose Moose

    Thank you. This inspired me to prune up one of my burning bushes. I had seen a burning bush that had been limbed up in a previous video of yours. Tonight was the night and I like it so much better. BTW I was also inspired to create a mosaic bird bath with green glass, which I had also seen I one of your videos.

  • Suzanne

    I've been a scaredy cat about aggressive trimming but you've shown us the benefits. Thanks for all the explanations. Helps to know why you made this or that decision.

  • Joyce Peters

    We have cold and rain at the moment which has followed a very unusually hot spell which lasted for two weeks. Most plants are late due to a very late and wet spring.During a mild but wet winter I lost my Amistad salvia and my Pheasant berry shrub. So different to what we usually have here in East Anglia in England.

  • Selma Saldanha

    Hi Linda, which is the first viburnum is in your garden? Thinking of planting a viburnum opulus roseum (gelder rose) don't want too big a shrub. Do you think it's a good choice? Is it vigorous in the sense of shooting around?

  • Jana Abney

    I'm two weeks late, but we've been having wonky weather in NE Alabama for almost a month! Flooding rains almost daily and the temperature variations have been really weird.

  • Kate Peachey

    Hi Linda, so much good information, thanks for sharing with us. Where are you? I am trying to find Florida gardening . I am close. to Tampa. I will continue to watch you too!

  • Jeannine F

    Lovely vlog! Well I actually did some heavy duty negative ‘spacing’ in my yard last week! I had these plants that just grew all over my little bed in front of our shed…and so one day I decided to rip them out! Three quarters of the way through, I decided to keep a little tuft as I wasn’t sure what I was removing!! I think I forgot that I had transplanted some plants from my deceased mother-in-law’s magnificent garden (which we inherited) and I wanted to keep! Anyway two days later they bloomed! And I was so sad that I had removed and discarded in the bin some lovely purple bell flowers! Thank goodness I had saved two bunches!! But I am still kicking my butt about this! However, this vlog did make me feel better about it all, as the negative space will help my rhododendron ! And other little plants that I’ve put in there! Thank you!!

  • AnnoulaXeni

    Such perfect timing! I'm new to gardening in a big space (have done balcony/container gardening forever) and was just this week wondering if it would be okay to prune out under a mulberry tree that's lovely for shade, but which has a few branches in a 'wrong' position. Now I feel encouraged to give it a go. Thank you!

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