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  • Penelope the squirrely prepper 7 months ago

    Hint, spread out a bale or pf straw after your garden is done and compost directly to the garden area.

  • Betty Sobra 7 months ago

    The best thing you can do is to loosen the dirt around your plants, then water really well with diluted seaweed emulsion and then mulch with a layer of straw. That'll keep the weeds out and the moisture in. Get straw from a stock feed place and not garden store. They will charge more. Hope this helps. PS. I garden exactly the same way you do but add straw for mulch

  • Loves Journey 7 months ago

    Living in the south , i can recall my grandmothers Garden. She had a beautiful Garden, she had rows of veggies and fruit, watermelons etc. She first treated the ground with proper soil and fertilizer. Then created rows to create space and visuality for harvest, maintenace and walking as well as space for the plants. As previously stated atleast you have a garden. I do not have a green thumb but if i did, i would try and find help to do it the way grandma did. I might also build a green house to keep out critters, snakes etc. You are blessed with land i think it would be worth it and very rewarding. imo. Hope this helps

  • SUGARPOP73 7 months ago

    You should make a compost heap. Putting all your vegetable waste to rot and use it in your veg patch.

  • Robbi Lusher 7 months ago

    Fried green tomato’s is so are doing great.

  • Terri Massie 7 months ago

    Plant marigold plants they help keep bugs away

  • Marlene V 7 months ago

    Yummmm. Zucchini blossoms are delicious.

  • Cherryblossom Plumtree 7 months ago

    Your garden looks really dry. You need to mulch. You can use newspaper for that purpose. Any kind of mulch works, including grass clippings and leaf litter. Mulch stops water from evaporating from the soil and also rots down for added nutrients.

  • AnitaB 7 months ago

    looks like a pumpkin plant to me.

  • Jacqui Rippon 7 months ago

    I love your sense of humour. If something doesn’t grow in my garden then it wasn’t worth having. He he.
    Love and sunshine from Australia. Jacqui.

  • Mary Pettinari 7 months ago

    Amy check out MI Gardener's channel. He is great and can answer all of your questions.

  • Jackie Carland 7 months ago

    Love it

  • Margarita Galarza 7 months ago

    Much love Amy ❤️

  • Margarita Galarza 7 months ago

    Water when dry etc.

  • Margarita Galarza 7 months ago

    ,Amy. Sorry baking soda around plants. Into soil. Than ontop soil mix they will grow

  • fullflavor5 7 months ago

    Lime the ground under the tomato plants it will keep any rot from coming up thru the ground.

  • aibun otik 7 months ago

    Enrich your soil eggs, coffee grinds, vitamin c, cod liver oil, put in food processor add to be gallon of water