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  • JF Baker 11 months ago

    wow! Very cool. I am getting into that stuff too. I planted some tomatoes today. However I planted directly in bigger pots. Do you think that's fine too rather than the palettes?

  • MyStrangeMind 11 months ago

    I believe the lights are fluorescent shop lights with each light having 2 40w T-8 bulbs.

  • Daniel Johnson 11 months ago

    what kind of lights are you using?

  • KarasCyborg 11 months ago

    Good tutorials here. You have a great speaking style, very relaxed and I like a lot of your research, it will save me hours. Keep making videos cc!

  • archie868 11 months ago

    Oh and do your dishes too.

  • archie868 11 months ago

    Dude, cut your finger nails…GEEEEZ!