Family Homesteading with a Geodesic Greenhouse and Garden Towers. Clark and his family connect with their land and take control of their health by growing organic produce year-round with their insulated, timber-framed geodesic greenhouses by King Dome ( and Garden Towers ( The geo-dome greenhouse featured in this video is 12′ in diameter and supports over 250 vegetable plants in five Garden Tower 2’s.

We have collaborated with the maker of these awesome structures to offer a FREE 12’ Arctic Dome (as seen in this video) AND we’re giving away 10 more Garden Tower 2’s for the holidays. Sign up at
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Growing Organic Food with Garden Towers: Clark's Family Homestead in Brown County, Indiana

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  • Diana Williams-Coe

    I will be ordering mines soon… Also looking for land in Indiana… In Indianapolis now… your towers looking good

  • Wendy Weddell

    Hi neighbor , we live in southern Jackson county in small town farm land TAMPICO. Its good to find other homesteaders in IN

  • James Nerlinger

    I am interested in setting up a sustainable garden on my suburban lot (i.e. postage stamp sized lot). This is the kind of solution I’ve been considering developing myself. Does this family take inquiries? We;re just up in Cincinnati, so same climate, and I’d like to know how much food they are producing and how long it sustains them (vs how much they still buy at the grocery store).

  • Outa ThisWorld

    I have eight of these but have always struggled to get the lower three rows or so to grow anything since the top down watering just does not seem to water the lower rows adequately. Not sure I would buy again.

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