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3 Great Vegetable Gardening Books – Homestead Library Collaboration

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  • peter casiza

    I'd like to add The market Gardener by Jean-Martin Fortier, surprised nobody mentioned Oriental Vegetables by Joy Larkom (any book by her is great btw) and another great one is Myceleum running by Paul Stamets. There are lots more for instance Epic Tomatoes by Craig le Houllier and The new Organic Grower Eliot Coleman. You did 4 I '5'ish.

  • Val Lete

    Hi Huw. Thank you so very much for the book recommendations. Charles Dowding’s , Growing Winter Vegetables, is also one of my top gardening books!

  • Naomi Sackett

    Nice choices! My 3 books would be:
    Allotment month by month (DK) – for a general, cover-all reference book. It is great to have it done chronologically too – makes it practical to know what to do when!
    Grow your own vegetables by Joy Larkcom – but more dense but full of so much information and love for growing veg – really inspiring!
    Grow for Flavour by James Wong – one of the joys of growing your own veg is growing something you can't buy in the shop, or just having it taste so much better. This gives some great hints and tips.

    I do love Charles Dowding too!

  • Kathphlox

    I have old books, usually by the RHS, I hope you can add me to your list of candidates. I would love the Charles Dowding book on growing winter vegetables πŸ™‚

  • Arabella Arabella

    If Liz gives you flack for 4 books, remind her of when she threw a duck into the chicken breed collaboration! I actually found your channel through your collaboration with Liz's turkeys to haul wood chips. Those guys kept you in line!

  • freaky geak

    first I hope it's a best seller sir great news πŸ™‚ my three books to suggest would be the square foot method , Lasagna gardening and back to basics all are packed with great tips and you can combine them as well πŸ™‚ Good luck to the winners

  • Alex The Garden Dude

    Carrots Love Tomatoes by Louise Riotte
    Homegrown Pantry by Barbara Pleasant
    Worms Eat My Garbage by Mary Appelhof

  • Benjamin Reid

    The three most useful books for me are Charles Dowding's Veg Journal, How To Grow World Record Tomatoes by Charles H. Willber, Texas Organic Vegetable Gardening.

  • Mark Probert

    Hi Huw, Newnes Home Management vol 1 & 2, vol 1 gardening section has been read numerous times since childhood, Expert Gardener & supplement pest diseases since childhood, recently Charles Dowding salad leaves for all seasons. ( have bought Curtis Stone and the Market Gardener specifically for starting business in growing veg) Are you going to do review of your poly tunnel with the green and clear cover? Keep up the good work come rain or shine. Dai Iawn

  • Lottie Thyme

    Hi Huw

    The 3 most inspirational books and ones that I constantly refer to for guidance are:
    1. Grow your own veg by Carol Klein
    2. The kitchen gardener by Alan Titchmarsh
    3. Charles Dowding's Veg Journal

    Fingers crossed!

  • Robin Miller

    The book that got me started so many years ago..Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew a gift from my brother I treasure. My bible/work horse/problem solver is Rosales Illustrated Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening. And finally The $64 Tomato by William Alexander as it just sings to my heart and the great lengths those of us who are garden obsessed will go to! Been a fan of your channel for over a year and TY for introducing me to Liz’s channel via your recent video and this collaboration has further expanded my enjoyment of more channels to check out.

  • gayla gavin

    I have watched 5 or so of the videos in the collab, and your choices are my favorites. I love that you featured 2 of Charles Dowdings books, he is amazing, great expert, author, wonderful YT channel and a very nice man who takes the time to answer comments and give advice. Also love the you have a Geoff Hamilton book and I am going to look for the other veg and herb book you suggest. Thank you, Huw! P.s. i dont own any of them, but other books I would like to have are by Geoffrey Smith. I adore the Mr. Smith Gardens videos.

  • John Frederick

    3 books I like are aimed at permaculture. The complete book of edible landscaping, Gaia's garden, and Edible Landscaping with a permaculture twist

  • Steph Krunic

    Gardening books are THE BEST!
    Taking Huw's lead and stretching the 3 book suggestion…..
    Jackie French Backyard self sufficiency
    The Australian Fruit and Vegetable Garden Clive Blazey
    Gaia's Garden Toby Hemmenway
    Louis Glowinski The Complete Book of Fruit Growing in Australia
    And the series of booklets produced by The Koanga Institute in NZ.
    One Magic Square Lolo Houbein
    Square Foot Gardening Mel Bartholemew
    The Earth User's guide to Permaculture Ro Morrow.
    And I suspect I'll be adding the 2 Highly Commended books mentioned by Huw as well.

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