Types of retaining walls in landscape design! 25 beautiful garden and backyard ideas!

Types of retaining walls in landscape design! 25 beautiful garden and backyard ideas! The main task of the retaining wall is to keep the soil on the slope. But this is a general purpose, and there are several indications of the type classification of this structure. In industrial buildings and agriculture, the retaining wall is considered an engineering structure; in the suburban landscape, it also has an aesthetic function. The classification of wall types is based on several standards. 1) Make an appointment:-Reinforce the slopes, roads and engineering structures of industrial and residential areas;-Use for farmland terraces;-Use for decorative purposes, as an element to divide the site on slopes with slight slopes. 2) Based on material:-Whole reinforced concrete. The highest carrying capacity provides a solid foundation. -Precast concrete. The shear load is slightly smaller, but the installation speed is higher than the overall structure. In addition, in most cases, decorative decoration is required. – Natural Stone. Durability depends on the type of stone used to build the wall; the service life can reach more than 50 years. Each row of masonry requires a solid foundation and careful selection of materials of shape and size. – Gabion. Medium bearing capacity-suitable for relatively low walls. They do not require a strong foundation-due to the elasticity of the net, the structure can well withstand the small movements and sinking of the soil. The wall structure has good water permeability and does not require drainage. -Building modules. The strength of the transverse shear load is relatively low. -Wood. Usually they use logs, blocks, sleepers or lumber that have been treated with preservatives. There are examples of using thick-sided boards that can withstand the design load. This video is educational! The author of the channel “100 Ideas!” demonstrates the types of retaining walls and explains their advantages. We made major changes to our content using the “Movavi Video Suite 18” video editor. Edit multiple videos in a specific order to unleash the creator’s creativity, and overlay the recorded audio tracks with instructions and free music on YouTube. #garden #landscaping #retainingwalls.


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