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DIY Cheap Green Roof UPDATE after 3 months

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This is an UPDATE video of my Cheap Green Roof Experiment. See original video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tznbUpLYqWY

Grow Food Cheap / Food Grade / Plant Based Diet / DIY Hydroponics

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Some of my viewers are concerned with most hydroponics using plastic or PVC. Here is a cheap and easy way to grow leafy greens. This is an experiment, we will be checking on it periodically ...

120 Easy & Cheap DIY Garden Trellis Ideas | DIY Garden

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Cheap DIY Hydrophonics (no electricity)

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A guide for hydrophonic beginners using cheap and available materials from your backyard. No electricity needed for this hydrophonic to work. Share and Enjoy! Video Rating: / 5

How to build Cheap Green Roof – Experiment 12.5.2019

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Paypal donate link: any amount helps to support my channel and my family. Thank you. www.paypal.me/jkpguy This is an experiment of installing green roof for my chicken so I can observe what...

DIY Hanging Wall Planters – A Cheap Easy Project!

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If you're looking to spruce up a wall with some new decorations, here is an easy DIY project that you can tackle in a couple hours of work. These hanging wall planters will be a cool element...

How to make a hydroponic seed starting system cheap and easy

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This hydroponic seed starting system is a very affordable, easy to make, alternative to the air stone (DWC - Deep Water Culture) type AeroGardens. I made this using a 5 gallon Commander XXL...


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10 Clever and Cheap Indoor Garden Ideas

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These info below is related to 10 Clever and Cheap Indoor Garden Ideas video: Detail: https://www.simphome.com/clever-and-cheap-indoor-garden.html HIGHLIGHT: 10. Bottle Gardens 9. Skinny Pla...

DIY Grow Light Setup For Indoor Gardening: Cheap and Simple

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A Grow Light Box: Cheap and Simple. We explore how to cheaply make an indoor growing area with grow lights. I use a 50 gallon tote, painted with flat white paint, and a shop light to get out...

Easy hydroponic tomatoes / Cheap DIY Hydroponics / Urban Garden / Small Spaces

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Cheap DIY Hydroponics / How to grow hydroponic tomatoes / Urban Gardening So ,we pretty much have growing leafy greens in non circulating containers down pat, now let's try some tomatoes. Of...

Learn How to Build a Wood Raised Organic Garden Bed DIY Cheap

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Hey friends- this is my first video which is covering how to build a wood raised organic garden bed, DIY cheaply, in the backyard of your home. My home is in Nashville Tennessee, which is i...

40 Awesome and Cheap Landscaping Ideas

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How To Make Cheap Glass Jar Hydroponic Kratky System – Starting Seeds – Complete: Step by Step Guide

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Follow me step by step and you will be able to grow same way I am with the same results. I teach you how to create a hydroponic kratky system using simple glass mason jars. No need for power...

DIY Indoor Hydroponics – SUPER CHEAP

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Home made, so simple, and the best tasting fresh lettuce ever. All inside in 3-4 weeks.Use a plant LED light or a couple of shop lights. Video Rating: / 5