DIY Hydroponics / Cheap and Easy
Traditional hydroponics can tend to be expensive to start. Here is a cheap and easy way to experiment. Grow all kinds of leafy greens. Grow lettuce for your sandwiches. Grow kale for your smoothies. Grow chard for a healthy wrap alternative to carb rich tortillas. Grow your own herbs. A little alterations and you can grow hydroponic tomatoes.

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DIY Hydroponics / Cheap and Easy

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  • Keep on Growin' with Mike VanDuzee

    Some of you may have seen this already, because of licensing I had to change the music so that I can post it to other platforms. I am now using Epidemic Sound. There may be a few more videos in the near future that I have to change the music on. bear with me and thanks much.

  • Akshara Ganesh

    What nutrient solution do I need to use for herbs ? I need to grow herbs using hydroponics for my biology class 🙂

  • Akshara Ganesh

    This video is really helpful ! I just wanted to know what nutrient solution you use ? Can we make our own nutrient solution with home ingredients ?

  • Stephen Capaldo

    Enjoyed your video—what are the white "boxes" that you are growing in–they seem to be like plastic rain gutters–do you have a video on how to use this material for hydroponic growing?

  • john austin

    how did you make the resv? is there anything other than standing water/nutrient solution?? no pumps/nada? wondering if this is okay for basil/cilantro/green onions…

  • Judy Zhao

    Thanks for sharing this great idea! I am new to hydroponic kratky. So do I put 1 bok choy plant in each hole? Or 2? I think I saw 2 plants in each hole from the video. Thanks!

  • Judy Pereira

    Thank you for your informative and inspiring video. I’ve learned so much from all your videos. One question, do you have problem with algae with the downspout system?

  • knickit

    Do you fill it with the nutrient solution only once at the beginning for the duration of the grow? And what is the hole size? 1 and 7/8s? Thank you!

  • sandra wp

    How do you water your downspouts? How often? What level are you keeping your water at?
    LOVE learning from your tinkering! Thank you so much!

  • eozen81

    Hey Mike, this is the easiest and beyond, most inspiring way of Hydroponics to motivate new growers, you are Hydro-Hero man. Thank you.

  • Robhie De Guzman

    Sir mike, good day… Thanks for the awesome videos you are sharing… I only asks what do you call the green foam you use as grow grip? Cant find it here in philippines or maybe i just dont know what do we call that here. So i need the name and the purpose of that foam so i can explain locally here.

  • lgxiii

    Hi mike,
    I need advice for growing lettuce, basil, thyme in the gutter down. I have hard time to get results actually. I am starting the plant in organic soil until i transfer in the gutter down with the noodles, filled with nutrients solution (6-11-31 + 15.5-0-0 + Epson salt), but after few weeks, it has not grown, the leaves are softening and yellowing. Gutters lengths are under 3 ikea growing lamps from 6am to 8pm each day.
    What could be wrong? Thanks,

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