builds a crazy cheap and easy hydroponics counter top Herb garden. You will discover through our DIY aquaponics/hydroponics channel how easy it is to grow fruits, vegetables and herbs in your very own backyard aquaponics/hydroponics setup. Start your own seedlings or you can purchase your favorite plants from your local nursery, either way aquaponicshydroponics plants grow twice as fast as soil plants.
After watching this episode you will have a really good understanding of how to make your own backyard aquaponics or hydroponics growing containers. Our hopes is that you will continue to design your own DIY aquaponics/hydroponics and share with the rest of the community.
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How to make a crazy cheap and easy hydroponics counter top Herb garden

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  • Kurt Project

    Thanks for the concise and informative video! Just some notes written below:

    Stuff needed:
    – Containers (bought from Big Lots)
    – Power saw w/ Hole-saw attachment
    – K-cups (reuse old ones + drill holes)
    – MaxiGro (1 tbsp per gallon of water)
    – Rock-wool
    – Started herbs! (w/ soil washed off)