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Build your own Vertical Garden! Modiwall is a unique Vertical Garden System that delivers a more durable low maintenance and beautiful solution to green walls. The Modiwall Vertical Garden System caters for the fast growing demand for green and environmentally friendly spaces inside and outside of buildings, bringing nature into the spaces where people live and work. Music: “Haven” by Jelsonic From the Free Music Archive CC BY 4.0 Video Rating: / 5 This video shows how to create a vertical garden using wooden pallets and other recycled materials. The Pallet Garden is great for small urban spaces and even as part of a fence. Excellent for herbs, flowers and fruiting plants such as strawberries. *** Subscribe *** *** Follow us on Twitter *** Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsLiving wall fitting | Time lapse Video | How to install living wallsGarden Tower Time Lapse Spring 2013 Weekly UpdateTime Lapse of Sunflower from Seed to FlowerFinsbury Podium Construction Time Lapse | Sky Garden Green RoofFinsbury Podium Construction Time Lapse Angle 2 | Sky Garden Green RoofMystical Garden Time Lapse – Magic Crystals

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  • Fern Gertz 1 year ago

    Check woodprix handbook if you want to make it cheaper and better.

  • piffdaddy420 1 year ago

    would this work for leafy greens?

  • Leanne Alder 1 year ago

    You guys rock! Love your standing pallet wall garden. Thanks

  • marie smith 1 year ago

    Sorry but the compost isn't alive. There are living organisms in the compost. BIG DIFFERENCE.

  • WhatsUpFoo 1 year ago

    Hi, great video, it's really useful. Just wondering does it matter if the pallets are outdoors and subjected to the weather? would the wood rot?

  • jaenicoll 1 year ago

    Love the use of cardboard. But, do you need the plastic backing? Would cardboard on both sides be strong enough as a support? If so, then both sides could be planted, right.

  • erin olafson 1 year ago
  • crimelessraver 1 year ago

    Yea for pallet gardens and Yea for Sea Shepherd!  <3

  • AshleighTTC “Wedingeventshop” d 1 year ago

    Great clip – basic and easy for a novice gardener to get started! Just have to find a pallet.. 

  • KiwiM8 XT Zumba & True Health~Wealth&Wholeness 1 year ago

    Hey thank u 4 sharing such gr8 ideas with us 

  • Theta Sigma 1 year ago

    Is that one of those morons following that moron who got kicked out of Green Peace for being such a nutter? I'm with the last guy…how much weed do these guys smoke!

  • John Ng 1 year ago

    … how many grams of weed can each pallet produce?

  • devineDiY 1 year ago