John shows how he has made the most of his back yard fence a redwood fence the neighbors erected. He first put reed fencing to make it look more pleasant, and then uses nylon net trellis material to grow winter squash, summer squash, cucumbers and melons.

Growing Vertical Growing Squash Melons and Cucumbers up a nylon web trellis

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  • Jon Steel (AltxF4)

    Hey John! I am glad I found another great video of yours! I was thinking I was going to run out of space quick in my raised bed. I never knew you can grow squash and melons vertically!

  • MerAngel1212

    Thanks, John. There is NO excuse for the people that say they have no room when people see this video. Anyone can grow vertical, if they choose to, no matter where they live. I remember once many years ago I put a sweet potato in a glass of water and I vined it on fish line, all over my kitchen. It was really refreshing and pretty. After awhile I put it in dirt in a pot on the window sill because the potato started to rot. The plant continued growing in my well lit, semi humid kitchen. Fun stuff

  • P Lawrence

    John, I have cantaloupe vines running in the garden and they are doing well however one of my vine with the most melon growing on it broke. Can I graft it or can I simply stick the broken vine in water?

    Please advise. This is my first experience with melons so I'm still learning.

  • ZennLa13

    I've set up something similar to this. But I read somewhere that cucumbers and melons shouldnt be grown in the same bed because they can cross-pollinate. Has anybody heard of this?

  • 1danilou

    How much space do you have at the bottom? I love this idea. At first I was thinking oh yay I can fit this in my current 10 x 2 raised bed, but actually it looks like I could probably just put a smaller one somewhere else. I have zero yard but I have maybe a foot of space around my apartment. Thanks for the great video!

  • Kevin R

    @growingyourgreens When I was in Ukraine last year I saw pumpins and large squash growing 10 feet up on trelises over driveways so it is possable

  • orto2437

    It is my personal opinion that you should be the state of California's official city-garden coordinator. But I guess California needs more city gardens first, eh?

  • Phoenix Airbender

    the Greeks take the flowers you spoke of wash them, chop them up & add them to scrambled eggs, they give a nice flavor to your morning meals. My mom used to make small egg pancakes out of the mixture & we'd gobble them up. Try it I know you'll love it 🙂

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