The Turkish bath produces multiple positive effects for our well-being and also allows you to experience a pleasant moment of relaxation. Its origin is even traced back to the Egyptians and, after the collapse of the Roman Empire, it was the Arabs who continued this tradition and called the Turkish bath hamman. The humidity can reach 100% and the temperature does not exceed sixty degrees centigrade. The Turkish bath dilates blood vessels and promotes circulation, tones and relaxes, fights stress, purifies the skin. It is precisely the heat that allows the pores to open and the sweating to intensify, thanks to which the skin regains its state of health and greatly improves its appearance, becoming more elastic and luminous. Using a horsehair glove you can also remove dead cells.

Turkish bath

Turkish bathThe Turkish bath is a sort of room with benches, rich in water vapor, where you stay for about fifteen minutes, after which you go out to immerse yourself in a tub of cold water or alternatively take a shower. The path can be repeated several times, alternating in any case with a relaxation phase and a final massage. Inside the Turkish bath you can sit or lie down, but to promote circulation it is advisable to sit with your legs slightly raised. Those who suffer from cardiovascular disorders must refrain from the Turkish bath and in any case it is always preferable to ask the doctor for an opinion. Not everyone tolerates the high degree of heat that forms inside the Turkish bath, so the time of each session varies from person to person. The lost liquids will have to be replenished by means of drinks, and it is preferable to avoid eating at least an hour before the Turkish bath. In eastern countries the Turkish bath is a real moment of meeting, a ritual that has been perpetuated for years, which belongs to the traditions of these countries. Our culture has decided to import this ritual because the beneficial effects are numerous: if you are stressed, if you have accumulated muscle tension, or only if you want to relax, the Turkish bath is certainly very suitable.

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What is most surprising is the coating. In fact, it can be decorated with precious mosaics that reproduce abstract shapes. According to the traditional hamman ritual, men and women live this moment separately. Today, thanks to the multifunction shower, it is possible to have your own Turkish bath in a small space. These are integrated structures, where there is a shower, in some cases chromotherapy, and a small bench for the Turkish bath. Taking a tour of the shops that offer these structures, you will realize how vast the choice is. The costs, compared to a few years ago, have become much more affordable and therefore it is no longer necessary to give up the convenience of having a Turkish bath at home. The particular attention that today is devoted to the care of their body pushes many to want to have a space equipped as a small spa, to be used when you feel like it.

Even in the garden, the turkish bath can find a perfect location. In some cases, structures are made, in wood and glass, or in aluminum and glass, which allow you to place a Turkish bath inside, so that you can use it both in winter and in summer, since the doors of this gazebo can open on the surrounding green space. In addition, each shower with Turkish bath can have other options, such as radio or ozone therapy. The line of the shower box is always elegant and innovative, and if you choose crystal, it will become even more precious. A perfectly functioning Turkish bath like the one you see in large wellness centers with the exclusivity of having it at home: giving up this possibility means always being dependent on your wellness center. The costs of using the Turkish bath are also reduced compared to a traditional sauna.

When you have in mind to organize a corner of the garden in this way, you must first request a quote to start getting an idea of ​​the total cost. Shopping, today, is tackled more lightly than in the past, as the frenetic pace of everyday life often prevents you from taking care of yourself as you should. Having a Turkish bath in your garden you can use it when you return from work or at any other time of the day. As mentioned before, there are so many models and this could create confusion, so it is always advisable to inquire before purchase to understand how it works and also evaluate the quality-price ratio. It is good not to forget to bring with you the measurements of the space you have available. If you have a very small angle, with corner solutions there should be no problem in choosing the right Turkish bath. Every year, the manufacturers renew the line with new models to try to meet even those who do not want to face too high a cost.

The turkish bathThe history of the Turkish bath comes from afar since after the fall of the Roman Empire the Arabs resumed the tradition of heated Roman baths in baths called hammam which in Arabic means heating.

They were taken up and simplified; the Arab ones, in fact, were small bathrooms with a simpler bathing procedure.The hammam consists of three rooms, one very hot called harara, one warm and the last very cool.The hammam is a cycle that through the change of temperature gives a series of beneficial effects to the skin and muscles. The infinite relaxation of the oriental tradition at the end of which you can also have a massage to complete the cycle.

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