The fountain, a decorative element of the garden capable of giving breath to the environment and enhancing the home, is a garden accessory known for many centuries. Once built in the gardens of the nobles, in important forms and with ingenious expedients to obtain particular water features, the fountains are now within everyone’s reach and can be installed in all green spaces. Wall fountains, cast iron fountains and stone fountains are just some of the models examined in this review of Through the articles in this section you can get an idea of ​​which garden fountains are most common in garden centers and garden centers and which fountain will be best installed in your garden to enhance it in the best way. The fountain is the most fascinating piece of furniture in a park and garden. It generally appears as a small or large work of art from which suggestive water games flow. We are talking about the fountain, … continue

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continue …, one of the most used furnishing accessories in the garden. The fountain, or rather the various types of fountains, find a place in particular types of gardens, especially in those made according to a classic or particularly refined style. In fact, garden fountains are often placed in large or small Italian gardens. Generally they are also present in English gardens and in all those green spaces created according to an aristocratic and noble style. There is no doubt that the fountains contribute enormously to enhancing the style of the garden. Placed at its corners, in tree-lined avenues or in particular points of the green space, the fountains complete the geometry of a garden with elegance and refinement, integrating perfectly with the natural environment. These furnishings are also increasingly popular in modern gardens. With sober and natural shapes and materials, fountains can help enhance the style of any garden. Contribute to this purpose, the fountains in cast iron, stone, concrete, those on the wall and those with a waterfall. Inside the homonymous section of, you can find various contents dedicated to the fantastic world of fountains and waterfalls. Reading them will provide valid ideas for choosing or building the most suitable fountain for your garden. The articles will also reveal the operating mechanisms of the most common garden fountains and the secrets to obtain water features with extraordinary effects and aesthetic results. The splashes of water from the fountains can also be enhanced with lights to be turned on in the evening. In the dark, thanks to the effect of white and colored lights, the jets of water are transformed into splashes of color and truly extraordinary light patterns. The world of water games also includes ponds, aquatic structures similar to fountains. The latter can also be inserted in gardens with a somewhat particular and almost evanescent style. Just think of the Zen fountains, indispensable furniture in the homonymous gardens. Zen fountains are usually very small and include a square or circular base and a wooden or bamboo faucet from which water flows. By following the suggestions in our section, creating fountains with water and light effects even in the home garden will no longer be a problem. What could be better than focusing on garden fountains, to guarantee a decisive leap in quality at the glance that your green corner is able to offer? A careful evaluation of a sector of this type, more specifically, will allow you to always identify the best possible solution.Our goal, in a similar context, will therefore be to make you perceive the different characteristics that characterize the differences between fountains. external and internal ones, in such a way as to lead you to an absolutely conscious choice. Furthermore, our section will give its contribution to make you understand the main aspects concerning the sale of the boards. We are waiting for you.



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