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This is how I plant my wide row, trellis beds — from beginning to end. This bed contains three arched trellises for green beans that are made from 50″ x 16′ cattle panels. Construction was very simple and the effect is going to be beautiful when the green beans begin to run on them. See TexasPrepper2 YouTube page to see some other amazing things to do with these inexpensive materials. The bed rows are 25′ X 3′ with a 24″ walkway between rows. Between the two beds, there is a 16′ row of asparagus (yard-long) beans, a 16′ row of rattlesnake pole beans, two basil plants, two pepper plants, two eggplants, two tomato plants, six marigolds, straight neck squash, crook-neck squash, zucchini, a cilantro plant, a cutting celery plant, and a short row (4′) of carrots. Why so much variety? My planting strategy is to maximize production, invite pollinators, and confuse potential pests by the use of vegetable, herb, and flower companions.The soil has been amended with minerals and organic fertilizer (Azomite, Agricola, and chicken manure). The planting area has also been heavily mulched with chopped oak leaves which will decompose to add much needed organic material to these beds. Heirloom seeds were used for the vegetables and the herbs and flowers were obtained at a local greenhouse. The walking paths are mulched with scrap paper and pine straw which does not break down as quickly as the oak leaves. My seed sources include: Baker Seed Company (, High Mowing Seeds (, Heirloom Seeds (, Southern Exposure Seeds ( Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsTrellis Grapes, Runner & Long BeansDIY PVC Trellis / Arbor, Beans & Cucumbers – BroBryceGardensEasiest Cheap DIY Trellis Ever! For Beans, Cucumbers, Squash, and More.“Tower Garden Planting” by Epic GardeningTrellising Options for Cucumbers, Beans, Zucchini, Squash […]

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  • House Green 1 year ago

    You put those plant trellis very nicely!

  • Miranda Studio 1 year ago

    where's the update?

  • cford6 1 year ago

    Hey lady show us an update on how it looks with beans!  Very nice.

  • Steven Hobbs 1 year ago

    Mine are in full sun. (0 – 100 degree summer. Not a problem growing except my beans want to grow higher than the trellis. looks great keep it up.

  • TexasPrepper2 1 year ago

    By the way. I wouldn't worry about the heat on the grow arches, mine have been slap covered with vines in 100 degree heat.

  • TexasPrepper2 1 year ago

    Thanks for the kind words sweetie !

  • Tina Gillilan 1 year ago

    love the trellis idea, I will have to give it a try with some Christmas limas