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A Trellis To Make You Jealous

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I show you my simple, cheap and mobile trellis system that you can build in 5 minutes. Also, I show you a few other simple ways to trellis a variety of crops. Instagram: www.instagram.com/s...

Make a Pumpkin Trellis for Under $17 DIY

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DIY pumpkin trellis for under What you need: 4x 10' 1/2" pvc pipes .24 each 2x 1/2 connectors .32 each 1x rapiclip vine and veggie trellis net 5'x30' .99 Zip ties .99 http://rover.ebay.co...

How to make the best tomato cage / cucumber trellis / bell pepper weave

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This video goes over the methods and materials I've found to get the best and most affordable, effective, fast and durable tomato cages, cucumber trellis and pepper weaves. These materials ...

Making a Super Sturdy, Easy, Inexpensive Trellis to Maximize Garden Space & Planting Cucumbers

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I’m making a super sturdy, easy, inexpensive trellis from a cattle panel for a small garden space and planting cucumbers to grow vertically on the trellis. Let me know if you try it too! Ca...

Vertical Gardening – How to Build Vertical Garden Trellis

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Lean how to build trellis for vertical garden. Great long lasting design and saves a lot of space in the garden. 👨🏼‍🌾🐶👩🏻‍dz...

How to grow watermelons on a trellis

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I bought my tunnel trellis at gardenersupply.com. In this video I share how I grew watermelons on the trellis.

Training Cucumbers or Squash to Climb a Trellis – Trellising 101.

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I get questions from beginning gardeners sometimes. One question that I hadn't thought much about was...."how do I train cucumbers to climb a trellis?" This just shows how to get them to sta...


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How I build an easy vertical garden trellis using a cattle panel to grow squash, cucumbers, beans, etc. As your garden changes, easy to move or relocate vertical trellis! I got the idea from...

How to Build a Squash Trellis

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Best offers for Gardening & Lawn Care https://amzn.to/2InnD0w --------------- How to Build a Squash Trellis. Squash plants grow on vines that sprawl over the garden bed. The sprawling habit ...

Tomato trellis build

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This is a sturdy and strong tomato trellis that will be great for all vining vegetables like cucumbers and squash/gords. Video Rating: / 5

Bottle Gourd from trellis to table – Opo Squash

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Also known as cucuzza, calabash, opo squash, bottle squash, long opo, long upo, Po gua, Pul Qua, and long melon (Chinese melon), yugao, and in India as lauki, dudhi, doodhi, aal or ghiya, Bh...

How to Make an Arched Trellis Tunnel

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MMM 281 - Vertical gardening done elegantly with a trellis that you can walk right under! This arched tunnel will add a dramatic flair to any garden, and seem magical once it's brimming wit...

Building a tall cattle panel garden trellis

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I had to build a tall semi permanent garden trellis to grow a very long variety of Italian/Sicilian squash called "Cucuzza". I used T-posts, cattle panels, electrical conduit and wired it al...

Spaghetti squash trellis 20170722

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Low angle trellis allowing squash plants to grow and mature squash while keeping the plant off the ground. Thanks to my sons who helped construct the trellis and place it. I created this v...

Trellis: How to Install a Cheap Arch to Maximize Vertical Growing Space

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Beautiful arches add height and look very nice when your tomatoes and beans climb up the sides. Here is a link to where you can order the arches (I think it is the same one) : White: http:/...