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35 l waterbase, advance nutrients, 12 l pots, 3 sativa 2 indica, 5 weeks of vegging, week 1 flowering. Video Rating: 3 / 5 and and “Like” at Facebook at Harvesting lettuce grown indoors hydroponically… Video Rating: 5 / 5 Related PostsHome made Deep water hydroponic systemHome Made Vertical Hydroponic SystemHow to Setup a home made DWC Hydroponic System To grow Giant TomatoHome Made Ebb and Flow or Flood and Drain system. DIY HydroponicsHome made Hydroponic Grow System (Rough work)Very small Hydroponic system, Home made, for $10

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  • Kath Joyhn 5 years ago

    It’s obvious that you can save lots of money building up hydroponics by
    yourself rather than purchasing it.?

  • Nectar Head 5 years ago

    where the buds at??

  • psyimology 5 years ago

    @Lunarlaserranging – you talk crap – you dont know fuc if thats your

  • Diamob 5 years ago

    @Killerkuurt lol soil…

  • maxhardcoredisciple 5 years ago

    Very nice. But why bothering with pots , and don’t just put the balls in
    the reservoir without pots ? depth not enough for roots ?

  • 5 years ago

    @Deciblaster alright cool for the info I’m gonna add you. so i want to use
    a DWC/bubble & aeroponics but instead of using clay rocks or wool rock i
    want to use STG mini hail cubes that holds water and air for the roots. if
    i use organic nutes & check the ph daily or weekly that would keep the
    taste good and the growth fast, and root space small b/c when you use soil
    that takes more of space..?

  • 5 years ago

    @Deciblaster this is what im looking at
    natureshydroDOTcom/hydroponic-systems/16-plant-superponics-system.html i
    typed DOT for the period

  • redsquintyeyes 5 years ago

    I got some Durban Poison Seeds from GROWINGWEEDSEEDS [.] COM and was
    wondering if anyone could tell me the best way to germinate them.

  • ahhhh 5 years ago

    So what are those pellets the plants are growing in? are they better than
    soil? Or can you not use soil in a hydroponic system? im still learning im
    not sure.

  • YaHeard!? 5 years ago

    @slimhitter wow , fail . HAHA

  • Enlightened1 5 years ago

    I plan on starting my on hydroponic grow using the deep water irrigation
    method but i’m not sure of what the pH levels should be or the amount of
    time they need light a day?

  • roberts6191561915 5 years ago

    the ph is to lo 6.5 that why the leavs are discolerd

  • Connor B 5 years ago

    @sos60joker you refering to ph?

  • DETROITDEATHGOD 5 years ago

    @Deciblaster bullshit dont be a fag

  • Mary G. Kushner 5 years ago

    Thanks a lot for your movie. I also have the thorough step-by-step video
    lessons on the way to make your own selfmade Aquaponic system. Its very
    easy that even your granny can do it! Look at here for more information:

  • Wolfen126 5 years ago

    How much nutrient solution do you add per part of water?

  • frizster 5 years ago

    @maxpesh vegging metal halide, 2 weeks into flowering HPS, then2 weeks till
    end of harvest back to metal halide.

  • Tony Hedley 5 years ago

    you got any idea why a feminized plant would tiurn into a hermie with seed
    pods. my mate is on his second harvest and the same thing has happened?

  • roberts6191561915 5 years ago

    the ph is to lo 6.5 that why the leavs are discolerd

  • Limbo Holland 5 years ago

    Some idea fore cleaning at the end en starting new: At some extra enzyme to
    the nutrition the last week before harvest. Wash the medium after harvest
    whit clean whit enzyme PH 5,2 / 5,5 and make the medium total dry. Best is
    to put the medium into a centrifuge to make it total dry. Start new to make
    the medium wet whit only roots stimulator PH 5,6.

  • Limbo Holland 5 years ago

    I dont know if it is the light on the video but if your leafs turn to
    yellow in the beginning will say a shortcoming on Nitrogen (N) into the

  • kris mcaulay 5 years ago

    i will tell u why, is cause ur m8’s letting light get 2 the plants when
    they should be in total darkness after the lights go out! thats why they
    turn hermy! after the lights go out when u have 12/12 them dont let any
    light get 2 them atall!!! hope this helps u m8! happy growing , need
    anymore tips just add me as a m8 and ask! 😉

  • TheCannabisChannel 5 years ago

    nice setup

  • OfLawrence 5 years ago

    probably a light leak, plants need complete darkness when the lights are
    off, light leaks lead to hermi pods

  • jamoho 5 years ago

    This looks more deep water culture all he’s using is a airstone pump n
    nutes basic n cheap not really y-tube worthy

  • StuffFromMe 5 years ago

    nice setup, however, the nutrient level of the lettuce is probably
    suffering due to poor PAR spectrum. Consider using newer MI technology for
    your lighting, just google “biosonictech” thanks for sharing, looks yummy!

  • misterhalfwaythere1 5 years ago

    @RustyPipez Hey Rusty, thanks for checking it out. I talke about nutes a
    bit on the blog and will cover them more in the future. Richt now I am
    using a liquid nutrient at 3/4 strength and it lasts a long time with
    lettuce. I keep the PH at between 6 and 6.3 and it seems to be about
    optimum. Check out my other vids as I have built and am growing another
    great batch in a DWC like yourself. Ebb and flow is great, but DWC is sooo

  • misterhalfwaythere1 5 years ago

    Never had any brown spot. My first thought would be either temperature or
    too many nutes.

  • misterhalfwaythere1 5 years ago

    Cool avi Hideyo27! I use CNS17 for all vegetative growth. Cheap, effective,
    easy to find!! Best of success on your grow!

  • misterhalfwaythere1 5 years ago

    That is Simpson Elite. Highly recommended!

  • misterhalfwaythere1 5 years ago

    @foryoutocool 6 48″ 32W T8 flourescents. 6500K light spectrum. Cheap to
    buy, cheap to replace, cheap to operate, and nearly perfect spectrum.

  • misterhalfwaythere1 5 years ago

    I detailed it pretty heavily in the blog and the results of different
    change intervals. I was amazed at how little they actually need. If you
    don’t get the answers in the blog, shoot me a note and I’ll update it.

  • barefootgarden 5 years ago

    Ur making me hungry BLT mmmmmm My lettuce is getting brown spots u ever see
    this in your system I’m using maxi grow from general hydroponics.

  • RustyPipez 5 years ago

    I hope my lettuce turns out like yours, I just planted them a few days ago
    but i am using DWC, any recommendations for what nutrients to use and how
    much? Right now I am just using a dropper and adding around 2mL of
    Vegetative nutrients pH around 6.0

  • AnnexGroup 5 years ago

    Such a cool set up.

  • enticed2zeitgeist 5 years ago

    How often do you dump your reservoir?

  • ve3tru 5 years ago

    Think their a little small, I know there doing fine but changes will help.
    You can grow lettuce in 1/3 strength but a little slow, 1/2 strength will
    grow fine. Full strength can burn and your playing with fire. Biggest
    mistake new growers do, is maximize nutrients. The plant will only take in
    what it needs less is better. Also high nutrients can lead to poor stem
    growth, the plant grows too fast, the light cant catch up, its not as
    strong as the sun.

  • misterhalfwaythere1 5 years ago

    I usually use a 14/10 cycle at most. This was through trial and error and I
    think will change slightly based on wattage and spectrum. Over 14 “on”
    seemed to slow growth as did 12 or less.

  • imisslola321 5 years ago

    Would you tell me about water changing?

  • Tana J. Houston 5 years ago

    Thank you for your movie. I also have the comprehensive step-by-step video
    lessons on how to build your own home made Aquaponic system. Its so easy
    that even your granny can do it! Have a look at here for more info:

  • foryoutocool 5 years ago

    what type of light u use .

  • jkd0114 5 years ago

    you have pythium or root root those roots should be white! looks cool
    though….hygrozyme will protect your roots from that disease, but changing
    your reservoir more frequently would also help.

  • misterhalfwaythere1 5 years ago

    Thanks Fritz!

  • Stylensky 5 years ago

    That’s awesome. Now I’m hungry for a salad.


    What type of lettuce did you grow

  • qcages 5 years ago

    How long do you leave the lights on each day? And how do you check whether
    or not you need a nutrient a change? Wait until your plants start to suffer?

  • dlevin420 5 years ago

    hey man, looks awesome! quick question, im sure u explain this in an
    earlier video but this is the only one i have time to watch right now, what
    species of lettuce is that exactly?

  • ilienicolae 5 years ago

    in conjunction with a solar panel and battery would be perfect for me …
    in the middle of winter when the body needs vitamins and minerals more than
    ever …

  • Hideyo27 5 years ago

    Hello! Love your videos. What type of nutrient feed do you use? What brand?
    I was told to get 20-20-20 feed but the best I found was 10-15-20. I’m
    germinating some things right now, a good vast variety, and am about to
    start a basic hydroponic system myself 🙂

  • misterhalfwaythere1 5 years ago

    Those are hanging light fixture ratchets. There are quite a few brands, so
    try googling it as I can’t remember the brand. I got so tired of messing
    with the hooks and chains that I finally broke down and bought these. They
    make it so easy!