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  • Daniel Silva 5 years ago

    Grow Box, is not bad. right??

  • Daniel Silva 5 years ago

    My Grow Box, is it good??

  • Daniel Silva 5 years ago

    My new video, your opinion on my Grow Box??

  • Buds McGee 5 years ago

    Daniel, do you have a link to where you got your LED panels or did you make
    them yourself??

  • 1crazynordlander 5 years ago

    Looks good and well thought out. Where do you get the LED panels and fans?
    I am wondering how much weight your middle shelf will support. Depending on
    the hydroponic system you use, there might be a bunch of weight on that
    shelf when you get it loaded. Nice Job!?

  • Buds McGee 5 years ago

    Holy sh*t dude! You blew it out of the water… great work!?

  • Alexandra Santos 5 years ago

    This Grow Box looks really good… and you can grow a lot of vegetables
    there, great job ;)?

  • Gary Pilarchik 5 years ago

    +David McNally I think I have 1 issue and that is the subtitle of english
    and native language overlap each other…. So I cant read what is going on.
    The video is interesting but both languages show up at the same time. I
    cant read the english.?

  • frozenfowler 5 years ago

    Very nice Daniel, I really can appreciate the repurposed material for this
    project. Grow some greens =) Oh, and nice job..?

  • Gideon Gardens 5 years ago

    Snazzy! Looking forward to seeing the hydroponic system:)?

  • nery colon 1 5 years ago

    The grow box looks great. how long did it take you to do? I don’t know if
    it is because of my disability but I take all day with my plants. What is
    this???? HELP!!!!!!?

  • Roald Boom 5 years ago

    Hi Daniel, I think it’s a great video, especially as it seems to be your
    I personally prefer to grow with natural sunshine, but if your unable (lack
    of space or low temperatures) I’d say do it!
    Great job using recycled materials!
    You could add total cost and time spend making the box, to give people an
    idea as to those components.
    Would you own voice be an option instead of all text?
    Amazing job as to the views! How did you do that? Only 5 days & 462
    views!!! Any tips for me?
    Keep up the good work!?