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This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook breathes new life into a dead lawn. (See below for a shopping list and tools.) Click here to SUBSCRIBE to the official This Old House YouTube channel: Full episode: How to Mow a Lawn: How to Shopping List for Reviving a Brown Lawn: – type 12-24-11 starter fertilizer, used to promote root growth – grass seed, used to create new lawn – compost, for enriching the grass seed Tools for Reviving a Brown Lawn: – garden rake – walk-behind broadcast spreader – leaf rake – square-blade shovel – wheelbarrow Follow This Old House: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: G+: Instagram: Tumblr: Video Rating: / 5 Transplant shock in plantssigns of recovery? ? How long does transplant last? symptoms and treatment olivia’s solutions. 27 apr 2011 i’ve never lost tomato plants to transplant shock before. Do you know anything about gardening? . Transplant shock new grower’s primer cc forums. Went limp instently? Sprout transplant shock i just transplanted im affraid. Tags then apply it to the roots of plant either before or after transplant takes place. Transplant shock in plants. Might take a few days to recover but they should be fine. How to of all newly planted trees that do not survive, most die during this very important takes persistence and involves regular care the first three years following transplanting new transplants have extensive root systems, they are frequently stressed by other symptoms transplant shock appear as wilting leaves (especially on don’t be impatient if plant does take off within 12 months. 28 mar 2015 learn how to avoid and repair transplant shock in plants be moved from place to place, and when we humans do this to them, it is bound to cause some problems. […]


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  • The One Above All 4 months ago

    This nigga went from 2weeks to 6months.. how misleading.

  • peggyt1243 4 months ago

    Grass grows in the wild. No fertilizer, just rainwater. It seeds itself in September not spring.

  • Ruffle EFX 4 months ago

    I have same issue but I'm a renter, how much this going cost me?

  • Chris Laviola 4 months ago

    I planted a new lawn last fall. I did notice some bare spots and some areas were thin. In the spring will the new lawn be able to handle a gas powered over seeder?

  • Bro Bro 4 months ago

    I know I'm old when I find myself here

  • 2006JeepLimited57L 4 months ago

    Stop standing around and help throw some seed, geez!

  • QWVVP GT 4 months ago

    Read more

  • LesWinsBros 4 months ago


  • Switchbladeakc 4 months ago

    Is it better to do it this way or just lay sod to the yard?

  • Pmason718 4 months ago

    How do I get in touch with Roger I have some questions about my lawn

  • Cole Niblett 4 months ago

    This guy reminds me so much of the hosts of Car Talk. Love the videos.

  • Alex Miller 4 months ago

    I watch these for the acting.

  • CyndyKated 4 months ago

    great info~ my yard is his side yard! lol

  • the cave dweller 4 months ago

    Instructions unclear; I buried myself alive.

  • Peter NA 4 months ago

    i need your number call me 561 302 3266 Philip here

  • guttercops 4 months ago

    staata , you know if you hate the letter "r"

  • Lester Prosser 4 months ago

    As a kid in Oklahoma, all the lawns would be dead and dry by June. There were these companies that would come in and die it green. Not the right color green, it was some strange green that did not look natural. I wonder if they are still around. Kind of liked that weird look.

  • dyoooooooooon 4 months ago

    Stah-ter fertilizer? 🙂

  • DVS ONE 4 months ago

    Green spray paint helps big time…