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This is the sixth video in the series on the Timber Framing Code. This video looks at Roof Load Width (RLW). RLW is used to calculate the sectional size of some roof members and supporting wall members. If you like this video please subscribe to my channel For similar videos check out Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsRoof Truss || Dead Load || Live Load || Wind Load Calculations part – 1Metric Simple Span Beam – with a distributed load – Structural Analysis – hand calculationHow to: Cutting Corrugated Width | Metal Roofing OnlineOptigrGreen Roof Overview by Greensulate CEO, Amy Norquist.Prairie Green Roof


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  • Laurie Clarkson 11 months ago

    haha! I totally had a brain fart. All this is new to I was watching the skillion part..and in other videos you talked about half span which some people write 1/2 Span in their when I got to the skillion part, I read it as (Span 1/2) like "Span half" thinking you meant half span..but you meant Span 1 (span one) / (divided by) 2. haha! whoops.

  • awad axa 11 months ago

    great video mate .. I was wondering are there any video or books that will teach how to read span tables

  • Buildsum 11 months ago

    Hi innocentshoujo

    Have a look at around the 2:50 mark


  • akasayurarin 11 months ago

    what if the building has a flat roof, how do you calculate the RLW of a flat roof?

  • actionjessie 11 months ago

    If you were designing a lintel where those jack trusses rest at 48, what's the Rlw in that case?

  • luke iapozzuto 11 months ago

    Could you make one massive video on how to put up a frame from start to finish?