Building a future for agriculture in Canada | Deborah Whale | TEDxStouffville

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Deborah is a 7th generation Canadian farmer with some important messages about the food we eat. This talk will open your eyes to the world of modern farming and challenge you about how Canadians can support a future for agriculture.

Deborah Whale is the Vice President of Clovermead Farms Inc., a dairy farm which also generates electricity via two anaerobic digesters. She currently serves on several boards including as Vice-Chair of the Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission; the Ontario Agricultural Hall of Fame; the Grand River Raceway; the Ontario Power Authority; and the Community Council of the Waterloo-Wellington LHIN.

She is a Past Chair of the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization; the Agricultural Research Institute of Ontario; and the Poultry Industry Council. She has also served on the National Board of Directors of Farm Credit Canada and on the Advisory Board of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and was a Founding Member of the Ontario Livestock and Poultry Council. She is a graduate of Queen’s University and was awarded a PAg Hon from the Ontario Institute of Agrology.

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Building a future for agriculture in Canada | Deborah Whale | TEDxStouffville

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  • Buffer Zone

    Canadian Agriculture is doomed. GMO produce is everywhere. Seedless fruit and vegetables. And most important, why do the people that say they care for agriculture when the soils and water sources are being poisoned by CHEMTRAIL FALLOUT!
    What?…Scared to talk about actual truth?
    What chance does natural agriculture have with the constant spraying over Canadian skies.????? Canada exporting food??? Then why is my Canadian Produce section at my Canadian grocery store…more then 90% USA grown produce? And why is it that none of these fruits and vegetables have seeds. Seeds that can reproduce.???Canadian agriculture is mostly producing GMO Corn for fuel. Oh…forgot about that? If we still used 50's technology for producing food…there would be no GMO foods, and people would be healthier. Food would be natural. Not created in a laboratory. Or robotic production lines.
    Excuse me….what the hell do you know about the environment. Not much. And you are a biologist too. Then with your knowledge you should be able to include CHEM-TRAILS into your speech. And the effects it truly has on Canadian Agriculture. 

  • kimberlyandtucker

    Sure some of this info is great but the GMO genetically modified food is going to RUIN OUR FUTURE it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know synthetic vitamins do not affect the body the same as organic vitamins gmo are unpredictable and extremely un healthy to the human body including studies shown eating a diet of mainly gmo's can cause infertility in women YES BUY LOCAL ORGANIC FOOD not GMO

  • Angela Alvarez (Common Sense Science)

    I would strongly advise you madam to watch the video uploaded on youtube 
    "Top documentary film_A Farm For The Future (BBC documentary) full video
    For some reason, this BBC  video makes me feel good about the way farming is done …It is both human, more romantic more holistic, profitable and sustainable. it also allows many more people to enjoy farming instead of leaving it as an option for just 2% of a country's population!. I can't imagine cows being milked by robots….a chicken was created to SCRATCH the ground and fertilize it and debug it, not just sit on a tiny spot day and night laying eggs for self serving humans. If GM foods are bad for bugs, what do you think digests food in our intestines if not bacteria in the gut?
    Sure GM won't kill you, It just passes through the intestines untouched as in the fields leaving the individual weak and immune deficient.  

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