Added by on 2016-03-22 Check out this cannabis vertical farm with our SPYDR 600 LED grow lights. From what we know, this is currently the largest vertical farm for marijuana production. Get a behind the scenes peek into San Francisco’s largest cannabis production facility! You can learn more about our lights at Related PostsCannabis Vertical Farm with LED Grow Lights from BML HorticultureVertical LED Grow Light Cannabis Farm At MedMenLetUs Farms How Cirrus LED Grow Lights Helped This Commercial Indoor Farm 1Illumitex Horticulture LEDs in World’s largest Indoor Vertical Farm!Hydroponic Indoor Grow Tent GrowAce Review | Horticulture Indoor GardeningAffinor Growers Vertical Cannabis Grow Trial with the King of Pot Sam Mellace

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  • Malik Spydr 1 year ago

    Awsome products

  • Jennifer Martin 1 year ago

    What brand of racks are those?

  • Erik Coulombe 1 year ago

    ya in that video that lol pro grower is using a wide spread DE fixture 3.5 feet above his plants,it is meant to be 18inches,if it was 18 inch above those plants it would have yielded more than 1 gram per watt dried.,do you want to see videos of those grows?? your light is just a bigger and way more expensive old fashion spectrum led light.? I know of about 5 newer style that cost 60% less than yours retail,and they do 1,5 or more dried per watt,,your light sucks.

  • Erik Coulombe 1 year ago

    and  the reason you never see a budded plant by this wicked expensive light is because it can not bud them for shit,all the money he saves in electricity he will loose even more in lost product,did you see the look on his face ,,he looked like,,what the fuck did i do i just spent 500,000 bucks and my plants are not budding,,lol poor bastard.

  • Legal in Oregon 1 year ago

    This is so awesome guys, absolutely stunning. Can't wait to go vertical with our facility.

  • Morgan B 1 year ago

    yield? we get 2 grams per watt with HID