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The Rain Tower Modifications, Tips, And Ocean Solution Fertilizer Review Rain Tower Home Page: Ocean Solution Fertilizer: (use discount code “tomorrowsgarden” at check out. Mike Walker’s Video: Gina Ragan’s video: Related PostsRain Tower Vertical Hydroponic System: With My ModificationsRain Tower hydroponic, my modificationsThe Rain Tower – Vertical Hydroponic SystemPLANES FOR KIDS VIDEO: Skipper Riley Model Kit Zvezda from Disney Cartoon Toys ReviewHow To Build The Rain Tower Vertical Hydroponic SystemHydroponic Vertical Rain Tower

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  • Work With Nature 6 months ago

    Really liked the video smart idea.
    Will follow the link and have a look at the natural fertilizer thanks for sharing it with us. One has to diversify all the time. We are running a full time volunteer project the aim is to provide seeds but I think your Rain Tower could be useful here in India.

  • gramkeel 6 months ago

    Here is my rain tower with modifications and improvements. This does handle high wind very good, unlike some other versions.

  • Shane Doe 6 months ago

    There's a lot of people that say pvc is unsafe for food. There are some types that may be considered "toxic". However, if it's pvc made specifically for potable water, it's safe.

  • 133TeeTee 6 months ago

    the problem i am having is the tower is wobbly in the bucket. What can I do to help this

  • 1mtstewart 6 months ago

    Ocean solution or SEA Agri's SEA 90 are great products. They are charged with Ocean solids that are held in solution perfectly to make up the content of the Oceans or Seas in various places around the world. SEA 90 is from Mexico around the Baja California in the Sea of Cortez. This estuary has certain tidal flows which enable the deposits to be mined through traditional methods sustainably. check out the chemical profile of the product and read about Maynard Murray MD who discovered its benefits for us in his life long search for a CURE to cancer. The current owner of the company worked for Dr. Murray in his research and field trials.

    The tower construct along with Mike's tweaking is perfect and yes, much more reasonable than the $500 models. Please be sure to use food safe materials though so as not to leach dangerous materials into your food. Monsanto has a patent on that…

    great video! I am working on a set of HID lights inspired by your earlier work and thank you for your continued support of do it yourselfers like me!

  • heavymechanic2 6 months ago

    I will agree that there are some shady practices in business citing your homemade system is toxic to generate sales on over priced growing solutions.

  • Bob Segraves 6 months ago

    Back in my science 101 class they told us to compare apples to apples, or in this case, butter crunch to butter crunch. 
      Your results would have more credibility if you had compared the produce from two systems, both started at the same time, same seed, same location, one with Ocean Solution and one with your original nutrient.

  • Rob Vann 6 months ago

    As a former shop teacher with a re attached finger tip.. please don't work with such short material esp when mitering..

  • Trish Elgee 6 months ago

    I bought the glue in the fish store.  That is safe.

  • Trish Elgee 6 months ago

    The fence post is polyethylene, which is what they use to make milk jugs.  Water bottles leach chemicals and can not be reused, but milk is held to a higher standard.

  • embarado smithing and woodcraft 6 months ago

    i also like the Chanel name  land of the lost COOL

  • embarado smithing and woodcraft 6 months ago

    otherwise good concrpt

  • embarado smithing and woodcraft 6 months ago

    comparing  butter crunch to ice burg is  like comparing apples to oranges this has no validity sorry try again

  • Ryan Vincent 6 months ago

    Really appreciate your videos! They have been very helpful! Plan on building this tomorrow. My saw only goes to 45 degrees… If I cut my potholders at 45's vs. 50 degrees, do you know if that would be a problem? Do you think I should still measure at 5.5 inches and mark at 4.25 to cut? Any advice on that would be great! Thanks again!

  • chance sorenson 6 months ago

    That iceburg and romain so how can you compare not hating by rhe way it looks good

  • Harold Wong 6 months ago

    Thanks for your video. I would like to find out what is the PPM of the water before adding the MaxiGro? Could you do a taste comparison with with the same variety lettuce on a future video? Thanks again.

  • doctorcatsburger 6 months ago

    If I could make it solar cheap enough I would try it. Inside I couldn't get enough light, but I sure wish I could grow lettuce like you did there, I tried from seed & they are about 1/4 inch big after 6 wks & 80% of them have already went on to a better place in lettuce heaven. I'm waiting for the $30 four site hydro bucket from home depot now & hope to make some rails out of the vinyl posts soon.

  • Keyplayr61 Greenhouse Hydroponics And Gardens 6 months ago

    I really like that design! Great looking lettuce as well!

  • sumileajiana 6 months ago

    Might have to build one of these myself.