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Practice your Place Prepositions with a fun song and a very happy piece of cheese! Great for teaching primary classes and ESL students! Primary Teaching Points: prepositions, preposition words, location prepositions, place prepositions This video is part of our new 30-minute compilation: Related Videos: The Prepositions Song 2 ♫♪♫ – The Prepositions Song 3 ♫♪♫ – Our ‘2nd Channel’ is on Patreon! ▶ OUR FIRST BOOK IS NOW AVAILABLE! Website: Instagram: Facebook: #scratchgardensongs #scratchgardensongs Related PostsThe Courtesy Song – Courtesy Words for Kids by Scratch GardenThe Geography Song for Kids | Learn Geography Video by Scratch GardenThe Lines Song ♫♪♫ | Scratch GardenThe Patterns Practice Song | Scratch GardenThe Colors Song | The Colours Song | Scratch Garden KID Song l How To Make Colors Ice Jelly DIY Jelly Clay Play l kid songs KID Song l How To MakeSyllables! | Scratch Garden

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