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  • PennyVC 1 year ago

    Nice that you mention chemtrail. Start noticing that word more  and more now. Drove by that area a couple of times Weather must be really hot this time of the year there

  • RVliscious 1 year ago

    It is very lovely to explore these places with you and Toto through your videos, especially for us Europeans ☺ Greetz, Pet&Pat

  • Good News Travelers 1 year ago

    How are you baring with the heat. It's 114 here in Henderson, NV so I know it's got to be the same or hotter

  • JIM NELSON 1 year ago


  • Maverick1948 1 year ago

    look like a scary big hole. i wonder if Bigfoot used to
    live there

  • Kansas Devil (Devil66102) 1 year ago

    Looks like a good place to stop between travel locations, but not for long. Still, it's free and not far from town.

  • rjr 4949 1 year ago

    Those are not chem-trails. It is the water produced as a by product of the combustion of jet fuel at high (low temperature) altitudes. Sorry.

  • Fat Guy Travels 1 year ago

    I was there visiting a friend a few months ago in Kingman. Not much there. Lots of big businesses around the airport, but not much in the town.

  • Dsanford12 1 year ago

    what chemical would be in the Chemtrail you're talking about?

  • jlwftl 1 year ago

    Looks good to me Boon docking all the way. Fill up with water gas propane and your set for a couple mo.How is the solar doing? Did you get extra bat yet? you have the panels store power in your batteries this time of the year I have power to burn.

  • sailingsolar 1 year ago

    Little holes Toto is on it. He's must be wondering "What kind of animal lives in that big hole?". Whatever it is it's big!

  • Mike Johnson 1 year ago

    Toto probably sensed people had performed sacrifices in the grotto. Smart dog. My dog barks at his own ass when he farts.

  • mr magoo 1 year ago

    I would always heed a dogs warning…good boy toto…

  • fifi fifi 1 year ago

    You are one man to admire growing all those plants in the climate conditions over there!

  • Doug Tozier 1 year ago

    I tend to stay away from the typical desert plants… especially if thorns are involved! No septic in my yard, and just PVC sprinkler system for the grass. If it wasn't for my wife I probably would be eliminating the grass!

  • Trail Riding Journal 1 year ago

    We have a 16 year old Desert Willow that has invaded our septic 50 ft away. Their roots really travel far looking for water!  Fair Warning ;)

  • Brendan Findlay 1 year ago

    Just dont get involved in any agave…..a nightmare….

  • Cindy Mulvey 1 year ago

    Good for you, Doug.Glad you thought of arose for Laura,