Added by on 2016-06-06 In my video I show you just how easy raspberries are to grow and why they are worth finding space in your garden for. Ten Minute Gardner Mark Abbott-Compton Hi My name is Mark Abbott Compton I’ve been growing vegetables and fruit for over 45 years using No-Dig,Raised beds and classic techniques all with one aim, quite simply ‘All about the taste’ this YouTube Channel is where I’ll upload all my episodes of my regular gardening show The Ten Minute Gardener For more in depth films and details of our Online Courses head over to my website, subscribe to my free monthly newsletter and you’ll get access to a monthly tutorial video all about gardening tips, how-tos, why-tos and when-tos recipes and all those hints and tips that a lifetimes gardening teaches you,how to get fantastic results without wasting time,effort and money John from goes on a field trip to Urban Hydro Greens to share with you how you can grow microgreens year round inside your home. In this episode you will get a tour of the 1,000 square foot warehouse that produces 1000 trays of micro-greens each month to feed the residents of Las Vegas the most nutritious leafy green vegetable ever. In addition you will learn how you can grow microgreens in your home ANY time of the year. To learn more about Urban Hydro Greens, please visit: To order the special kit mentioned in this video, please go to: PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsAlpine Strawberries Update – Planting Them Up The WallMittleider Gardening Vertical Growing: Planting Indeterminate Tomatoes…Again =)How To Grow An Apple Tree From Seeds – Growing Apples Fruits – Planting Dwarf Fruit Trees – JazevoxGrowing Cucumbers: Trellises, Preparing the Planting Bed & Using Transplants – TRG 2016“Tower […]

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  • julienyanelle 4 years ago

    it will be nice to see how your mum's raspberries are doing now!! txs for video.I am trying to grow in containers any advice pls?

  • Pine Meadows Hobby Farm A Modern Homestead 4 years ago

    This will help me with planting my raspberries at Pine Meadows Hobby Farm.
    I Subbed you for updates.

  • MORNING GARDENER'S SHOW. 4 years ago

    hi I've been planning my fruit trees in small holes for over 6 years and I've had no issues

  • Eric Agoncillo 4 years ago

    please check your website I think there is something wrong with it.

  • EpouseX 4 years ago

    Thank you!

  • Dave Lasike 4 years ago

    what's up with the down votes?

  • LearnHowToGarden 4 years ago

    Still time to get these in and enjoy the fruits this year

  • Kevin Byrne 4 years ago

    Thanks for the video.  I'm growing raspberries by accident.  My neighbor planted raspberries along her fence, and the raspberries are spreading under the fence.  I was a trifle annoyed at first, but the fruit is very nice, so now I'm trying to grow them properly.  Now I know that I must replace all of that clay with compost.

  • Janet Saunders 4 years ago

    Hi,, thanks for the video. im new to growing raspberries and I wondered how long after planting will I see any growth. I planted my primocane polka roots about 2-3 weeks ago and nothing yet?

  • Eric Fulda 4 years ago

    I manage the Sunnyvale Charles Street Community Garden and want to sign up for your news letter. Sunday I discovered one of my gardeners cut my raspberries patch down to the ground and them covered them with horse compost. They thought they were helping. What do I do to fix them. I'm going to share your videos will all the others. Thanks

  • Aleisha Direen 4 years ago

    Need help as a friend give me a raspberry cane to plant and so I did and it has been growing fine but what do I do now? Do I need to get more canes or is the one enough?? Not sure what to do from here. Can upload a picture of the plant if you don't understand my question. Thanks

  • LearnHowToGarden 4 years ago
  • Casey Tomberlin 4 years ago

    u da the man John. Thanks for teaching me

  • Burnt Eloi 4 years ago

    Cut your electricity bill in half with LED lighting, Capex is a bitch and methodology may need to change, but worth it long run.

  • Highmary Pk 4 years ago

    this guy doesnt ** aroud

  • Ruth Ann Castillo 4 years ago

    Okay John, once you buy the kit, how much does it cost to grow a half tray of greens? If you use the pad, or if you use that coconut stuff?  I think it is cheaper to grow sprouts, you don't have to deal with buying growing medium, which I will bet is costly! And a whole half of a tray for one little 'ol smoothie? 10 days to grow, and it's gone in 2 smoothies? I'll bet it adds 2 dollars to the cost of that smoothie, since we have to buy that growing medium. Isn't there a more cost effective way?  I would have to have 10 half trays going if I wanted to eat one half tray  a day, right? But I would have to start a new one each day, in 10 days, eat the first tray, the next day eat the second tray that I would have started the day after the first, and so on. Right?

  • Jonathan Kosyjana 4 years ago

    Micro greens taste soo good i like them just by them selves

  • NORTHWEST LIFE 4 years ago

    Love your channel! Is there any difference in the type of seed they use for micro greens than regular growing to mature plant?

  • Zombmee 4 years ago

    this dude is epic XD

  • Herby Fella 4 years ago

    Hi any chance of a chat with you . Skype Maybe or email , I'm trying to get into some of this , I have some great growing space . Got a few questions to fire at you

  • Sam Cushing 4 years ago

    how much weed did this guy grow and smoke?

  • Phedra33 4 years ago

    I don't think you should be leaning into the product and breathing on it. Probably spitting on it as you talk.

  • claudia launer 4 years ago

    artificial light is not the best to grow .. why not designate one room in living space for it and bring in natural light

  • Marilyn Maloch 4 years ago

    why do you put your hands all over the supposed sanitary micro greens?

  • Josephine Rock 4 years ago

    brrrr lol love this guy

  • linda leonard 4 years ago

    how do you grow watercress from seed

  • Majin Siddartha 4 years ago

    (24:26) LOVE the reenactment :)

  • Ali Fazli 4 years ago

    Nothing is organic anymore because of geo engineering. YEY

  • Bella Angelina 4 years ago

    thank you

  • Missymichilli 4 years ago

    I'm just worried about the bacteria I hear about growing sprouts. Where does it come from and do you remove it? I'd like to eat my sprouts raw.

  • Marie Bowling 4 years ago

    Thank you.