While all deserts, including the Sahara, increase in size during the dry season and decrease during the wet season, human-caused climate change in conjunction with natural climate cycles, are causing the Sahara desert to grow more and shrink less. Since 1920, the Sahara has grown beyond its initial boundaries and gobbled up more space, growing by nearly 10 percent. The desert is advancing south into more tropical terrain, turning green vegetation dry and soil once used for farming into the barren ground. Despite the Global North being the most significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and global warming, it is people like those living in the Sahel who are paying the price.

Ten African countries are moving ahead with an ambitious pan-African effort to protect arable land from the encroaching Sahara —by planting trees from Senegal in the west to Djibouti in the east. Dubbed The Great Green Wall, it is an African-led movement with an ambition to grow an 8,000km NEWEST WONDER OF THE WORLD across the entire width of Africa, designed to trap the sands of the Sahara, halt the advance of the desert and restore 100 million hectares of land. It was initially intended to be just a line of trees, stretching east to west, to help push back the Sahara’s expansion down south.

Newest Wonder of the World: Great Green Wall of Africa

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  • Sheetal Bhalerao

    Also.try planting Baobab tree from sea coast which Stores water in the trunk, give fruits ,shades .Motivational efforts for other countries God bless you

  • koochri

    Good work but I do hope that the trees being planted are different varieties. Mono tree planting could see several trees wiped away when diseases attack them. This would erode gains made over the years.

  • Jozef de Beer

    A lovely project and I wish everyone the best. I think water management is key. Especially putting in swales to keep more moisture with the plants.

    I would also suggest putting in food forests to provide more benefit for the people and livestock.

  • Abdul Salam Junejo

    All these developed countries needs to fund this project. They just can't sit there and let the poor people fight this disaster alone.

  • T Chandra

    Entair developed countries should involved and much more contribute to decrease the world deserts ….it's their responsibility .

  • Sarthak Joshi

    How about implementing miyawaki technique in this project it will be great success if executed in coming decades.

  • bob bob

    Global warming may be a boon to the Sahara desert. As the temperature heats up, it increases the evaporation rate on the oceans. All the water vapor eventually has to come down as rains to maintain the mass balance. This means more rains, especially over the desert. This can be a game changer that can transform the desert as productive land

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