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In 1981 one of the world’s largest insurance and financial services groups decided to build their local headquarters in the heart of Stuttgart. At that time the office building complex was already a big step forward for urban development in many regards. Along with very advanced, environmentally friendly technologies it was also one of the first buildings to achieve the dual purpose of a green work space combined with luxurious living in the downtown of a large city. Green roofs are located on different levels throughout the building campus – atop the above-ground parking garage, and office and residential areas. Designed by Brümmendorf, Müller, Murr, Reichmann and Luz Landschaftsarchitektur, the inner city oasis was constructed from 1981 to 1984. The green roofs were installed by Jörg Breuning, who was at the time with Otto Arnold GmbH, but now CEO at Green Roof Service LLC / Green Roof Technology. While most are inaccessible, some areas of the green roofs are accessible for coffee breaks and on the highest floors, there is usable garden space for the condominium owners. The top floor even offers extensive lawn areas as playgrounds for kids. Utilizing an advanced Optigreen Green Roof System with fully automatic high tide and low tide irrigation system in the mineral drainage layer, the plants “decide” when they need irrigation; no drop of water is wasted or can evaporate before reaching a plant. The depth of this highly efficient green roof is approximately 18” and has allowed lawn, perennials, shrubs and small trees to grow for over 30 years without replacement or changing out the growing media. In fact, the 30-year old roofs were looking in perfect shape and condition and received two prizes including from the oldest green roof association in the world, the FBB (Fachvereiningung für Bauwerksbegrünung): the “FBB Green […]

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