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In urban areas, we don’t have enough space to plant our favourite veggies so why not to try this vertical planters, you can plant any veggies/plants you want. Excellent way to grow edible crops in the garden, particularly in limited space. In this time of crisis or not, this is the time to do something new for our own good, especially in health. Now a lot of chemical spray and using synthethic fertilizers on the farm, which is not good to our health. Please try organic, as of now more people are in to organic and it so expensive if we buy it. Grow your own food can save money and gives healthy body. Let’s do it. Thank you for watching. Don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE. HOW TO PLANT LETTUCE UPDATE OF MY LETTUCE diy planters box diy planters outdoor diy planters from plastic bottles diy planters wood diy planters from recycled materials freestanding vertical planter diy vertical garden pvc pipe diy vertical vegetable garden diy vertical garden indoor vertical planter box plans vertical garden design ideas vertical gardening systems vertical garden pots diy planters for indoor plant show to make diy how to make diy vertical garden at home vertical planters organic garden urban garden grow your own food garden to table garden backyard garden DIY vertical garden for beginners vertical garden ideas vertical garden diy vertical garden vegetables vertical gardening garden fresh urban gardening fresh vegetables from garden lettuce recycled bottles using pipes for vertical garden vertical diet vertical horizon everything you want vertical labret piercing organic fertilizer planting tomatoes urban garden lettuce live vertical planters outdoor vertical planters diy vertical planters for vegetables vertical vegetable garden gardening fresh vegetables from garden vertical diet organic fertilizer planting tomatoes urban garden lettuce live vertical planters outdoor vertical planters […]

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  • alpa may 2 months ago

    wow very creative idea po ang galing naman very helpful po sa mga plantito at plantita

  • OFWJUDAY 2 months ago

    Galing naman sis thnx for sharing.your good ideas on planting . Congratulations in advance s magandang content mo host at malayo mararating ng bahaymo n ito

  • Igorota- Bama TV 2 months ago

    Ang galing mo naman, nagtanim tanim din ako dito.Pero iba talaga ang weather masyadong mainit pag summer.

  • Cebuana Ako 2 months ago

    Good Morning inday,Magandang idea ito inday Para sa mahilig magtanim .

  • Cheese Moosa 2 months ago

    Hello cheese moosa here

  • Leen Brazil vlog 2 months ago

    Namiss ko magtanim tanim wala kac kami space dito sa bahay hehe …

  • MAGBUBUKID SA ABROAD 2 months ago

    Your idea is the best,save more space.

  • I am Preenz 2 months ago

    Nakaka miss mag tanim tanim sa bakuran.

  • Autencio Siblings 2 months ago

    Creative at nakatulong s space

  • Leigh Anne's Vlog 2 months ago

    Ang galing ng idea mo ateh labs. Ang cool ng pagkakagawa tipid sa space

  • Olivia and Adrien 2 months ago

    nice idea… matry ko nga yan

  • Kalinga istaychi 2 months ago

    Creative one, that’s great!

  • Darelynn Miranda 2 months ago

    Diy nice ideo po. Salamat po sa info

  • AteJonna Vlog 2 months ago

    Beautiful naman so useful ito

  • Liasfamily 2 months ago

    great contents! A nw frd to watch your contents with a big thumbs up!

  • Team Marilland Mariza & Orland 2 months ago

    Hi sendinq my full suport hope to see u back god bleese

  • Gian & Grae 2 months ago

    very creative and resourceful po nito will try this lalo na sa mga ka plantita and plantitos jan very good!

  • Mirazol Actub 2 months ago

    Wow very colorful and nice