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GROW A VEGETABLE CONTAINER GARDEN -FAST N EASY WITH SIMPLE TIPS DAIZZ’S TIP:-Planting vegetables in containers is an excellent way of growing edible crops in the garden, particularly where space is limited. Container choice Pots, troughs,buckets and grow-bags can all be used to allow gardeners without time or room for a vegetable plot to grow fresh, tasty produce Smaller containers can result in a lack of moisture and nutrients for plant roots. Aim for containers with a depth and width of at least 10-15 inches, otherwise frequent watering and feeding will be needed Compost choice Use organic compost such as decomposed cow dung,leaf compost,vermi compost for your edibles..:) Crop Selection fast maturing n rewarding vegetable crops for containers include: Beetroot,radish,chilies,spinach,fenugreek,cauliflower,brinjals,lettuce,green onions,coriander n others spelling error in the video-:radish=raddish FOR MORE INFO PLEASE WATCH THE FULL VIDEO THANKS…:) PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO LIKE,SHARE N SUBSCRIBE..THANK U..:) MUSIC:- hey girl Song: Markvard – Time (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link: Related PostsHow to grow vegetables in raised bed gardensTop 8 Vegetables You Can Easily Grow in 100+ Degree Hot SummersHow to Grow Garden Vegetables In Small SpacesVegetables grown in potsWhy Local Vegetables Deserve The Investment Put ForthVegetable Gardening in spring, how to grow vegetables

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