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ZDNet caught up with Julian Sanchez, director of John Deere Technology Innovation Center, during CES 2018 to talk about how rural connectivity will impact the future of precision agriculture. FOLLOW US – Subscribe to ZDNet: – Watch more ZDNet videos: – Follow ZDNet on Twitter: – Follow ZDNet on Facebook: – Follow ZDNet on Instagram: – Follow ZDNet on LinkedIn: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsTHESIS 2013 RMUTT – INNOVATION VERTICAL FARMING FOR FUTURE IN BANGKOK (HD)The Future of Farming is VerticalTokyo’s Vertical Farms – The Future of Farming | WIREDSoil less farming and its magical impact | Poovali | News7 TamilAgriculture 4.0: How digital farming is revolutionizing the future of foodThe Future of Transportation in NJ (2005)

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