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I use hydroponics to start all my plants, it’s much faster and very easy, now with my home made deep hydroponic system I can grow larger vegitables like your… A little presentation about basic hydroponic systems for people that don’t know anything! Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related PostsHome made Deep water hydroponic systemHow to Build an Easy Hydroponic Deep Water Culture DWC Bucket SystemHow I Built My DWC System – Recirculating Deep Water Culture – Hydroponic Peppers & Tomatoes EASYDeep Water Hydroponic System- Easy to Grow TomatoesEasy To Grow Chili in Water At Home, How to grow Chili at home in Hydroponic System/chiliHOW TO MAKE HYDROPONIC SYSTEM AT HOME //EASY AND CHEAP

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  • Kevinsdad 5 years ago

    you remind me of billy bob thornton. your face is so innocent. ?

  • dylan santiago 5 years ago

    Dis nigga know’s why everyone is here, sure as hell ant for no food JUST
    SAYING cough cough Dro *_*?

  • Douglas Vasquez 5 years ago

    Will a 120w CFL bulb work for the Deep Water Hydroponic System? And how far
    apart should the light be??

  • WhatThatify 5 years ago

    why is there so much water used? could you use less??

  • Deborah Patton 5 years ago

    How often do you have to use the nutrients?
    Do the pumps ever get shut off or do they run 24/7?
    How long do you run your grow light?
    Can you use a container that is half the size or is it recommended to use
    the 18 gallon tub?
    Do you just start plants this way or can you continue to grow through the
    winter months?
    Thanks much for your presentation and your answers. Have a nice day!!?

  • Cristy Baker 5 years ago

    thanks so much for this video. Can the plant stay in it forever or do you
    have to move it into something bigger once the veg or fruit appear??

  • matt miller 5 years ago

    you can go from hydroponics to soil but not soil to hydro… its very
    stressful on the roots?

  • Marsha Jones 5 years ago

    I live in Illinois can I grow in my basement over winter??

  • jason fisher 5 years ago

    Do u smoke cannabis? U seem really chill?

  • Xavier Solis 5 years ago

    This may be a dumb question but Can I use miracle grow plant food for
    seedling in a deep water system ? ?

  • MrExtremehustler 5 years ago

    I would add a 1/2″ rubber grommet, 1/2″ barbed elbow, and a 1 foot long
    vinyl tube. Connect them to a hole on the bottom. This will enable you to
    see the water level without opening the lid and you will be able to easily
    remove the water without disturbing the root zone or opening the lid. ?

  • Deadnsd 5 years ago

    LMAO your growing organic with miracle gro..lmao…defeats the
    purpose…that shit is poison to the dna?

  • JPsYT 5 years ago

    Check out my DWC progress video! I modeled my system from the ideas that
    this guy presented minus the growing medium. It has worked very well so

  • 420squeeg 5 years ago

    It’s the SWEDE! (not saying I think you’re Swedish – it’s a character on
    Hell on Wheels)?

  • Yosef Leon 5 years ago

    Hey man Great vid!. Very detailed and not rambled on. Loved it. Keep up the
    great work and please make more videos of your experiences. I’m going to
    use this system in a large tub and see how it goes. Thanks brother.?

  • jashawn gordon 5 years ago

    Black hoes? ? ?

  • MikoAgain 5 years ago

    I like this video, thank you. Not too much talking, and you show while you
    talk. good job! Thank you! Wish others on youtube understood that you
    CAN talk too much!?

  • Gualbert Caces 5 years ago

    Groovy accent :)?

  • SuperMattstube 5 years ago

    how often do you have to change out the water.and how often do you add
    miracle grow?

  • dablet00 5 years ago

    you stressed a lot on no algae….so i have to ask….what would algae do
    to our plants??

  • WhiteMale 5 years ago

    Thanks for the video. Very informative. ?

  • svinehunden 5 years ago

    Combine this with a fish tank and you have a closed loop. The fish will
    give nutrients to the water and the veggies with clean the water for the
    fish :)?

  • Aquines Anderson 5 years ago

    i see these units on ebay.. to think thats a good choice also??

  • Kirtis Oakley 5 years ago

    Marijuana ?

  • clash studios 5 years ago

    u suck you do not kown enything?

  • mrlibrty marwan 5 years ago

    thanks… 4 this informations ?

  • Hat Hayha 5 years ago

    The disadvantage of hydroponics is that you must purchase “plant food” or
    nutrition and supplements that can be high-priced.?

  • HEIL!! Zombie-FUHRER 5 years ago

    I found this video very helpful.:)?

  • BSBCHREAF 5 years ago

    complete and informative, thanks!?

  • mj peter 5 years ago

    Excellent video! : )?

  • Edith Ester 5 years ago

    Thanks. Nice video. I’m and experienced gardener but just learning about
    hydroponics. Nice resource for helping me think through how to build an
    experimental, start up system. (Rubbermaid tubs are better than Sterlite
    tubs for drilling holes…who knew?) ?

  • Naval Rathod 5 years ago

    acting smart ?

  • Lora Beldoro 5 years ago

    Nice and informative?

  • Edison Ong 5 years ago

    just like to ask if there are some precautions on the plastics to be used?
    (if there are some that is highly reactive that can poison the plant and
    thus the consumer??

  • Johnathan keechle 5 years ago

    Never thought weed could be boring ?

  • Theerasak Musigawan 5 years ago

    Check out this video on YouTube:
    Basic Hydroponic Theory?

  • Lloyd Lewis 5 years ago

    Very simple informative educational video. Wish I would have seen it years
    ago. ?

  • Aeron Mckeller 5 years ago

    Hydroponics is a great system but it also have some drawback, you must buy
    some “plant food”, nutrition and supplements which may be costly. Before
    building any hydroponics system, you must look at the benefit of aquaponics
    system, which can automate 95% of work.?

  • Michael Witty 5 years ago

    I simply use Miracle Grow plant food.?

  • Chinawenchang 5 years ago

    Perhaps someone can help me to understand how the Aquponics system works in
    a cost saving way on a 2000 sq m of Land.?

  • ClaireKlaire 5 years ago

    Very helpful! I

  • lgonzalez1154 5 years ago

    Just buy an aero garden its easier?

  • k Terri 5 years ago

    Vey good thanks

  • Softsecrets 5 years ago

    Good explanation and diagrams for starters,nice one.BTW; If any of you want
    a 15MB PDF File on this and other start up growing systems you can mail me
    here or drop a note on my page,ill gladly help* Softsecrets * :)?

  • Mark Robinson 5 years ago

    I like how you mention a flood could rat one out. Lol classic ?

  • LenGarden 5 years ago

    Thanks for this really low-tech primer. It has equipped me with the

  • G Packard 5 years ago

    Thanks for taking the time to try to help others. As far as the negative
    comments go, it just shows you how many stupid people are really out there,
    it’s scary ! Once again, thank you .

  • Julian Reyes 5 years ago

    For Self Sustainable System?

  • Cristian Micu 5 years ago

    why do you run pages towards left and not towards right . are you maniac or
    something? :)?

  • alex Soto 5 years ago

    helped me out soooo fucking much..