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John from http:/ goes on a field trip to Garden of the Ancients, a Herb Nursery and Herb Emporium in Austin Texas to share with you some of the edible, medicinal, smokable, culinary and tea herbs you can grow and use in your life. In this episode you will discover this amazing one-of-a-kind herb nursery and emporium in central Texas. John will take you of a tour of some of his favorite herbs they are offering here as well as a tour of the hoop houses and the gardens so you can learn some tips and tricks pertaining to growing and using herbs in your life. Finally you will get a tour of the Herb Emporium, which is the largest herb shop John has ever visited and some of the different herbs they have available such as herbs for smoking, herbs for medicine, herbs for teas, herbs for flavoring and culinary uses. This video is all about herbs that can be grown and used to better your health and the health of the planet. Learn more about Garden of the Ancients at: John from goes on a field trip to his friends Paul’s place who is growing an organic garden of eden in his backyard using wood chips. You will discover how Paul is using Wood Chips and Manure to build the soil and feed the plants instead of using chemical fertilizers. First, John will share neighboorhood homes and how most people simply do not value growing food. Next, John will give show you the front yard of Paul’s place to show you the difference just a few fruit trees can make. You will also discover the pile of wood chips, and how this free fertilzer source can build your soil and feed your plants valuable nutrition that […]

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  • Valerie Clare 1 year ago

    You are hilarious,  "If I had a problem getting it up, Id use some herbs, not Viagra", LMAO. I love your videos, you make them educational and funny.

  • Michelle L 1 year ago

    salt is not artificial….

  • Chris Green 1 year ago


  • Twowheeler 1 1 year ago

    Texas, here I come! Awesome place I now have to visit. Thank you John.

  • 07thunderhawk 1 year ago

    I love this guy! Keep up the awesome videos man.

  • Kristin Morris 1 year ago

    Awesome. This is like 30 miles from me. Checking it out this weekend!

  • nathan carter 1 year ago

    anyone else reaching because winter got to long and your looking for indoor plants?

  • Anthony Caruso 1 year ago

    Out of all the grow videos that I watch on YouTube I like watching your YouTube videos the most.
    You always share a lot of useful information.

  • Lumix861 1 year ago

    Aarbs :)

  • akhil 1 year ago

    that ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT t-shirt is awesome!!

  • Dankuu O_____0 1 year ago

    You look like you are getting younger in each episode LOL.

  • Jeffrey Foster 1 year ago

    salt is a mineral and comes from the earth

  • Elisa Parmentier 1 year ago

    Jon, what is that thing that's hanging from your neck? Is it a mic or some kind of energy diffusing device?? Thanks :)

  • mstrshkbrnnn1999 1 year ago

    nice shirt man lol

  • Kyle Anderson 1 year ago

    +Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens  Dude, I seriously love this video!! I also couldnt help but imagine Glen from Accepted every time you said Herb! lol


  • Thom Foote 1 year ago

    Your video is sponsored by an Orkin ad. Seems contradictory.

  • Kei E 1 year ago

    Just waiting for someone to yell in the background "HEY, Stop eatin' the plants!" haha great video John!

  • Sofia Rivas 1 year ago

    I love that place

  • Angela Rockefeller 1 year ago

    i love your shirt!  there's always money in the banana stand…

  • Chomikback 1 year ago

    Hi John, You talk about irigation, and bug picking, but Paul from Back to eden (full tour 5h lengt), says he do not water his trees from 30+ years, the wood chips does the irrigation work, the earth is always wet inside he showes. And bugs, there is no bugs if the plant is strong, and boy hes plans strong! full of water, so he does not pick bugs himself. He does as little as put seeds and get fruits, and cut trees. weeds also no problem, all explained in 5h full tour, its just craaazy. Best Regards.

  • Andy Shay 1 year ago

    I completely agree with this guy. Be a person don't be just a consumer.

  • Chad Marcum 1 year ago

    As a side not when using this manure/bedding mix adding mushroom spawn of several species can significantly add to the bioremediation of a lot of the things you listed as the negative possible things that can be found in the manure. It's very worth reading into to. You may be surprised how amazing it can be to levels of any possible toxins.

  • Heller 1 year ago

    cow takes out protein- as if plants would want to eat them LOL

  • Debbie Boullion 1 year ago

    I use worm castings animal manure is usually full of weed seed

  • James Marshall 1 year ago

    Hi John,

    Does it matter what type of wood chips?

  • Robert Stockley 1 year ago

    MRSA infections associated with Crop Field Application of Manure, and Risk of (MRSA) infection. MRSA is caused by a type of staph bacteria that's become resistant to many of the antibiotics used to treat ordinary staph infections…just GOOGLE MRSA and Manure.

  • miamisweets 1 year ago

    This was fascinating. I've never tried using rock dust, but want to try it. The only type I can find locally is Azomite. Would that work to add minerals/enrich the compost in this gardening method?

  • Sustainable Life 1 year ago

    Hey john can you give me a link to your sick health to your current fountain of youth? God bless brother

  • Ruby Gray 1 year ago


  • Nicholas Brandimarte 1 year ago

    Every video has such a positive message

  • Jeff Cram 1 year ago

    John, I would love to see a video where you tour Paul Gautschi's garden. He is the guy who started the 'Back to Eden' movement. I am very interested to see your impressions of his garden, soil, and how the fruit tastes to you. I started watching gardening videos with you, and am very curious to see your opinions once you visit his garden in person! Thanks

  • DeadBroke Homestead 1 year ago

    Filming in the rain! lol that's dedication!

  • Angel Ward 1 year ago

    hmmm 20 minutes in, still no wood chips, just grass and trees….. I guess I will keep this on while I work, but maybe you could cut your videos into more specific segments?

  • blackbway 1 year ago

    john, the bitter melon plant we called cirasee in Jamaica, a very important herb for making tea for many medical reasons

  • blackbway 1 year ago

    @john kol

  • bluewater454 1 year ago

    Do you think that wood ashes are comparable to using wood chips?

  • Dean Gouramanis 1 year ago

    16:32 I made a similar garden this year with wood chips over the grass. I did not till the soil, but I did use a spade shovel to 'peel back' the grass layer. The result was a bunch of sod pieces around 8" squared, and three inches thick. I piled them up in strips around the perimeter to form a neat wall around the woodchips. Looks great and it's free. I call it the living wall method, because the grass roots hold it together.

  • Emily BH 1 year ago

    Actually according to the "Dr. John R. Christopher herbalist seminars" on YouTube, in the Bible in Genesis it says something to the effect that the fruit shall be your food and the leaves shall be your medicine. Back then, between the times of Adam to Noah, people lived almost 1000 years. It wasn't until after the flood that eating animals was permitted. Even then they were only supposed to be eaten during times of flood, famine or winter (when fruit isn't available).  There even used to be a "Book of Herbs" in the Bible which was later taken out – probably due to the beginnings of dumbing people down and/or taking away their ability to care for themselves as easily.