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  • CoLLat TrauMa 1 year ago

    Hecz got the greatest outro on YouTube

  • JakOwnsU 1 year ago

    yo i wish i was there, i live there man, i wish ive known about this!

  • Andy Bell 1 year ago

    Will's face at 6:02 I'm weak lol

  • violet redfield 1 year ago

    You know we're Big T went he's chopping in the bathroom

  • Ovnibasis 1 year ago

    LMAO@ 4:51 hecz is like "really"

  • Famas OP 1 year ago

    pretty dope that he called faze at and optic book signing for some random kid good guy hecz

  • Jacob Marshall 1 year ago

    Will that was so weird..

  • vanillacremesicle 1 year ago

    Check out her channel…. Miss WolfPackLeader

  • vanillacremesicle 1 year ago

    iSpy my daughter at 8:118:14 :-)

  • MysteryBop 1 year ago

    BigT hooked the outro up PHAT!

  • TheRealJony 1 year ago

    "book signing" I didn't see any books lol

  • Zero X 1 year ago

    7:47 this dude is tall as fuck

  • XterminatorVX20 1 year ago

    BigT nailed the outro !

  • drewizzle2214 1 year ago

    Mboze can't even go to his home state to rep the brand smh

  • MrJewbear96 1 year ago

    Your cinematics are way to long man I understand why they are there but their current length really distract from the video as a hole.

  • Cesar “CeeZe” Cordero 1 year ago

    There is Latin "Luke Skywalker" nuff said

  • Sam Page 1 year ago

    The outro getting good now hecz

  • roscobeast147 1 year ago

    I fucking loved the outro

  • Qwazzn COD 1 year ago

    Will does the outro better then u do it Hecz!

  • Perri YellowBird 1 year ago

    Congrats on the launch of the book! OpTic making moves! I pre-ordered mine and it's sick!