Whatever your needs, when it comes to outdoor coverage, a glass canopy is a versatile solution that adapts to the most diverse situations and environments. The glass shelter has now become an integral part of the street furniture of the great Italian cities, where it has replaced the obsolete models in simple steel or other material to embrace the American trends of transparency and simplicity in furnishings. The transparency of the glass that does not filter the light makes the shelters a design model that combines the classic shelter with modern materials, such as tempered statified glass combined with aluminum, steel, wrought iron and many other materials. Glass wall units are elegant, transparent, modern and sometimes invisible. And this is why they adapt well to many spaces, for example they can be the covering of entrances to elegant buildings, or of refined boutiques or restaurants and commercial activities where the design is cared for in every detail.

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glass canopy building The care of the home and attention to even the smallest details is typical of Italians, especially in recent years where tastes and choices have changed in the field of furniture, they have evolved influenced by what are the trends of the moment. Transparencies, light, open spaces inside the house, large windows come from the United States and Japan; glass, polycarbonate and plexiglass are among the most used materials, especially in outdoor furniture where exposure to bad weather and various dangers also requires solidity and resistance over time. The classic canopy in the shape of a hut or rounded to prevent the accumulation of water is revisited with a modern material such as glass that becomes an elegant and resistant cover at the same time. The most used combination for glass is with stainless steel or galvanized steel and aluminum, very solid materials able to support the weight of outdoor glass, an anti-shattering glass, resistant to shocks, bad weather and shooting. .

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structural glass facade Does the glass canopy seem like a solution for you, but you have no idea which model to choose? Do not be discouraged on the market there are numerous models of glass canopies. A feature common to all is the simplicity of the typology, consisting of a single slab or several slabs of different shapes (rectangular, rounded, concave, simple or stylized), with or without a metal frame and installed on the wall through hooks, tie rods and elements. supporting. Usually the shelters tend to have a shape that allows the water to flow downwards. The glass can be transparent or colored, anti-reflection, tempered, anti-shattering and anti-shot; in garden furniture models we often find floral or vegetable decorations applied that give elegance and design. As for the metal used for the frame, for the supports of the slab / s, hooks or tie rods, the most popular models are in stainless steel and painted iron, solid and durable materials over time.

glass canopy cover We have decided, all that remains is to proceed with the purchase, let’s go to a specialist store in our city where in addition to the models on display, we will be able to consult a catalog with the variants suitable for our case, within this world there are in fact street shelters or indoor garden which stand out both for the materials chosen and for the different shapes. Do we want to save and prefer online purchases? The world of the web is full of advantageous offers without sacrificing quality, there are many companies with an online shop, some also provide the possibility of the assembly service by paying a supplement that is around hundreds of euros, but if we are skilled in practical activities, with the help of the user manual, we will be able to assemble our shelter ourselves. As for the prices, let’s say that they vary mainly according to the size but above all the type and quality of the materials chosen, but by doing a search on the net in general the classic glass door canopy can be purchased at a minimum price of 250- € 300.

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