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Stay on top of the Greenroof & Greenwall World by subscribing here: Situated in what is considered ‘the most prestigious square kilometer in the world’, the spectacular Dubai Opera is framed by the Burj Khalifa, lakes, fountains, and an array of mixed-use development. Shaped like a dhow, a traditional wooden sailing vessel used in Arabian Gulf waters, the Dubai Opera was designed by ATKINS. The 3,000 square meter Opera Garden green roof was installed by NLME Design over a large utility building located directly in front after two years of research by Knauf Insulation. Many festivities are held here at the publicly accessible green roof park and cultural space. Challenges included weight restraints of the roof structure, the hot and dry environment, and high water consumption for keeping the roof green. Knauf Insulation provided a lightweight system created by using only a 10 centimeter growing media profile using one layer of Urbanscape Green Roll mineral growing media (known as Hydro Blanket in the US) and a layer of local sweet soil on top. Two types of semi-intensive green roofs include the large, open green park space planted with native Paspalum Grass and a smaller, slightly elevated roof for plant testing with Sesuvium and others. The system weight was reduced by 70% and irrigation needs were lowered up to 40% as compared to the standard green roof solution in Dubai. Steps provide entry to the new green roof with access ramps on the side, dramatically lighted at night. A series of colorful modular greenwalls cover two sides to soften the structure. Surrounded by a set of curvaceous vegetated terraces, a variety of different climate-adapted shrubs were planted such as Agave and Bougainvillea. The open space provides a beautiful elevated view of the world famous Dubai Music Fountains and colorful light […]

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