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Calculation of Dead Load, Live Load and Wind Load is covered in three videos: Lecture 1: Preliminary Calculations & Dead Load Calculation Lecture 2: Live Load Calculation Lecture 3: Wind Load Calculation Other Useful Video Links: Components of Roof Truss Types of Truss According to Stability How to do interpolation using 82-MS Calculator ? For more regular Civil Engineering Updates Follow my Telegram Channel: Kindly requested to share with your students and friends. Thank You. #DeadLoadCalculation #ProfMaulikRJoshi Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsRoof Truss || Dead Load || Live Load || Wind Load Calculations part – 1Garden Room Workshop: Part 10. Warm roofIOWA – Я так люблю (Вокзалы) // Live, Roof Music FestPart 1: Roof Tile Span and Spanish Colonial Gutter – Brown Bubong | Bungalow House PhilippinesPerks, Quirks & Irks – 2019 Volvo V60 – Long live the long roofAlice On The Roof – Lucky You (live)

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