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I wanted to build a Grow-System, that combines a Top-Drip-Hydroponic System, an Aeroponic Spraysystem, a Fogponic-System and a Deep-Water-Culture. This way I can adjust my system to the plants I´m growing in it and I got one system for all Situations. It´s my first video, so don´t be too hard with me 😉 I hope you like it. Feel free to leave some comments below. Related PostsCheap Ultrasonic Aeroponic / Hydroponic How-ToIntroduction to the StinkBud Aeroponic, Hydroponic system of growing marijuana.How to Clone any plant for hydroponic or regular gardeningBuild a Aeroponic Fogger for your hydroponic systemHydroponic Kits And Its Different Kinds – Water Culture, Aggregate System, Aeroponichydroponic aeroponic system working

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  • Fried Panda 1 year ago

    I have been thinking about doing something similar but including a aquaponics system for all the nutrients

  • Jose Gandulla 1 year ago

    This is brilliant just to say the least I've been thinking about it for a while with aquaponics on little bigger scale but basically this same system however do you have like a Perth list or plans for this system, I'm telling you it's so Kool…thanks in advance let me know if you have anything to guide me with a little more detail. Peace and thanks for sharing..

  • Käsekrainer 1 year ago

    WOW cool system!! but isnt the aeor not good enoth? how loud is the aero only? witch pump you use?

  • Firstname Lastname 1 year ago

    Always complex with German engineering 😉

  • Firstname Lastname 1 year ago

    your system is very complex for the beginner farmer. lol
    blue print perhaps 😉

  • Firstname Lastname 1 year ago

    do you have an update on the system ? faults you've encountered.. tips you could provide us ?
    and what about grow output, what have you grown, and how well with each system… since they are all self-containing.

  • Living Design 1 year ago

    I think the most important thing is, that the roots of your plants dont try out. Sure they need oxigen, but if your roots become too dry, this is bad! So I would not run your fogger on a dayly basis. I would try something like:
    10 minutes till half an hour: ON
    and then
    half an hour till 45 minutes: OFF
    I think it depends on the Setup.
    (My System is running: 15 mins ON and then 30 mins OFF and it works well)
    I hope I could help you.

  • Potatohead willson 1 year ago

    the leds are 12in by 12in blue and red leds. The temp is pretty good at 75% and the humidity is good at 50 but i cant seem to get these to grow if you have any advice please let me know thank you and thanks for the video

  • Potatohead willson 1 year ago

    Hey i like your set up. I have a question for you maybe you could help me out. I have a fog ponic setup and this might be a stupid question but ive been searching for the answer online everywhere and i cant seem to find the answer. With a fog ponic setup how ofter should i run the fogger. Everyday and all day or how long do i fog for is it set at intervals because ive read you can over water and i think my plants might be getting over watered and not fed enough and they are under LED lights

  • Living Design 1 year ago

    Please tell me your opinion. I would really appreciate it!