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A basic overview on Calmag and its use within the indoor gardening industry and hydroponics. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor ( Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHydroponics Growing – Best of Hydroponics Grow Box Systems, Indoor Gardening, & LED Grow LightsCFL Grow Light Reviews for Indoor Hydroponics and Indoor GardeningSoil vs Hydro vs Coco Blend for Indoor Gardening and HydroponicsOPCOM Excellent D.I.Y. Hydroponics Indoor Farming & GardeningIndoor Vegetable Gardening For BeginnersUrban Farm Sista Indoor Gardening-Basic Hydroponics Setup

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  • Woody Xyooj 2 months ago

    Hey man, your the only channel that actually brings up FACTS. Not sure where you've gone but please keep the videos coming when u get the chance

  • Anthony A 2 months ago

    4:44 I heard "Kush" instead of flowers lol.

  • Dominique Dupont 2 months ago

    how much is enough ? how much cal ppm in rochwool ?

  • Dominique Dupont 2 months ago

    Courageous man, well done

  • Justin L 2 months ago

    I wish that this channel was still active.

  • DJ Crittenden 2 months ago

    very informative video. this man is extremely knowledgeable. found him by accident. never logged in, commented, or liked a video before on youtube. this is my first and for good reason. BUMP!

  • Kelly Ash 2 months ago

    Given the recent discoveries about Bill Nye, I would voice over that name with the quickness, lol.

  • Anthony Ramirez 2 months ago

    what your opinion on Fox farm ocean forest soil I use it but haven't really had problems but these good im seeing cal deficiency

  • Timothy Moreno 2 months ago

    i want ur braaain! lol

  • yak023 2 months ago

    What is your opinion or use for Azomite mineral product?

  • yak023 2 months ago

    I appreciate the free schooling and LIVE your teaching techniques! Peace.

  • og_dr_grn_thmb og_dr_grn_thmb 2 months ago

    A.p.e. whts ur take on hydro organics? Have u ever tried it? If so wht nutrients would u recommend? Wht medium do u think iz best other than coco?

  • WateryBell 2 months ago

    hey ape,

    Soil/coco users can mix some calcium/chalk grains trough their substrate.

    I always buy the cheapest soil avaible around here and I add 1-2 grams of dry calcium/magnesium(the same as you use in the garden).
    since I started doing this my leaves are very dark green.
    Before this I had all kinds of deficiency's: light green to yellow leaves, burn spots, rust spots etc.
    Even tough the ph of my nutrient solution was around 6.

    Also to prevent problems you could feed 2 times and then water without food 1 time.
    Feed 2 times…. water 1 time.
    And just repeat.

    This water needs the right ph just like your nutrient solution.

    good luck hope it helps!

  • subcyber 2 months ago

    Cheers APE, great video as always. I like your format, short and to the point.
    Why did you stop uploading videos? Last one is about 10 mths ago.
    Hope you are all well. Best.

  • Prokadelik 2 months ago

    Awesome class session and great info, in addition to the 5 years of research (out of my own free will) this is great additional info along with other videos. No one better to learn from than someone whose already tried it !

  • Ebbaneeza feelgood 2 months ago

    Thanks sir …. Everydays a school day

  • Matt skunk 2 months ago

    do a video on PPM and EC please

  • Rich Layton 2 months ago

    Great informative video, keep em coming! Would like to see something on ppm: how to check and how it relates to a successful grow. ty!

  • url_fanatic 2 months ago

    hey man autoflowers, when should i start applying calmag, using 30% coco coir 70%bio bizz soil, im 9days in havent fed any nutrients yet, i will be using ghe veg n flower, im unsure about black strap mollasses is that any good iyo.