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A very sad week for some of our ladies, had a air pump hose come loose while I was out and did some hot air damage to the ladies. It has been a few day now and they are looking a little better starting to get new green around the yellow. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHyperaerated aeroponic system, Germination to Harvest Ep.14Indoor Harvest Patent Pending Aeroponic SystemGrowing Weed with a Hydro System – Germination and Weeks 1 & 2How to Hydroponics: Easy Cilantro / Coriander Complete Guide from Germination to Harvest.Aeroponic System 21Aeroponic system home made part 1

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  • Guerilla Grower 3 weeks ago

    Looks healthy!

  • Woody Woody 3 weeks ago

    The buds are getting huge. 🙂

  • OneGrowLetsGo 3 weeks ago

    Not long now 😉 looking great!!!

  • a handicapable 3 weeks ago

    That's unfortunate, looking good still! Interested to see what they pull in on the scale

  • Weedclectic 3 weeks ago

    Aeroponics there is simply is no room for errors. Sorry that it happened. I know you will bounce back bud.