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Hydroponics growing system: How to build a DIY Aeroponics growing system for indoor growing. There are many forms of hydroponics growing systems out there. This video will show you step by step how to build an aeroponics growing system. Aeroponics is a system where the roots are suspended in an environment saturated with fine drops, mist or fog of a nutrient solution. The method entails periodically wetting the roots of the growing plants with a fine mist of nutrients. The growing plants with their roots suspended in a deep air or growth chamber receive excellent aeration and a moist environment. This is the main advantage of aeroponics. Another distinct advantage of aeroponics over other hydroponics growing systems is that any species of plant can be grown. In an aeroponic system the micro environment can be finely controlled. This addresses many of the limitations of other hydroponics growing systems. In other hydroponics growing systems certain species of plants can survive before they become waterlogged. This means that you can grow plants longer and faster, because aeroponics is that suspended aeroponic plants receive 100% of the available oxygen and carbon dioxide to the roots zone. This will accelerate biomass growth and reduce rooting times. Aeroponic techniques have been proven to be commercially viable for propagation, seed germination, seed potato production, tomato production, leaf crops, and micro-greens. The success of aeroponics has even recognized by NASA. NASA researchers have been analyzing many soilless growing methods for the space program, including hydroponics. Aeroponics growing systems receive special attention from NASA since a mist is easier to handle than a liquid in a zero gravity environment. Their research into aeroponics has all shown that aeroponically grown plants have an 80% increase in dry weight biomass compared to hydroponically grown plants. They also concluded that aeroponics […]

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  • Balaji Kannadassan 1 year ago

    Why can't we hang it with a thread in the four corners is their any issue ?. Is their any specific reason you are fitting it with a stand ? or its that you are taking that approach ?

  • Keith Van Brunt 1 year ago

    very nice system kinda hybrid areo/deep water. I was instructed on the tube and emitter setup as i want to build a tower and my emitters are not working with a 600gph pump. light and algae are not your friend dark is good

  • Olivia Fischer 1 year ago

    Why would you paint it black? Black absorbs sunlight, y'know. White actually reflects it. It's why we see the colors. In black all the colors are absorbed whereas in white, all the colors are reflected – making the color white. :)

  • loki guy 1 year ago

    That giant bucket for just 6 clone sites…. I have 10 sites in a simple 5 gallon bucket…. 2 clones in each one is 20 seperate clones at once…. in only a gallon of hydro water instead of like 5 in that monstrosity

  • jingabobo 1 year ago

    What is the size of the pipes used? And where did you buy them?
     I checked in Lowe's & Home Depot and the smallest they had was 1/2 inch which looked too big. :(

  • James Harrigan 1 year ago

    You can get a clone king aeroponic cloning machine that is 36 sites for $63. Comes with extra inserts and extra misters. Check amazon and it is the best rated cloner sold. Quit wasting time you can't save any money when a new one already built is $63

  • Darren Nash 1 year ago

    Those are the worst misters in the world

  • Eric Polino 1 year ago

    Don't the misters act as aeration?  Does that make the air stone redundant?  In any case, nice details video. I appreciate it!

  • kelhawk1 1 year ago

    My Aeroponic/NFT system is based on an intermittent nutrient spray cycle of 1 minute ON, 10 minutes OFF. This "Off" time puts about 1/10th of the heat in the reservoir that running continuously does, uses 1/10th of the electricity, the roots love the "air time", and my cuttings propagate with nothing but plain old water, no hormone, no air pump. Every time.
    Just spray the cuttings every 5-10 minutes for no more than one minute. In three weeks my cuttings are ready for the vegetative growth cycle, and I move them to containers separate from the reservoir. That gives me astounding growth rates, and root rot is impossible so long as the roots drain well, and with no air pump needed, humidity in the grow room is more manageable. I use two 10 gal  Rubbermaid Roughneck sitting crosswise on an 18 gal reservoir. Roughneck lids seldom leak.
    Apparently this is a little known technique, but I know how well it works, and would encourage others to use a "repeat cycle timer" with their aeroponic sprayers, and keep the roots from being submerged.
    I must add that roots don't like light, and algae does, so dark containers should be used.  White is a good choice for a how-to and can be lined with black plastic.

  • Cecilx 1 year ago

    Nice tutorial, extremely helpful :)

  • squirrelflight 1 year ago

    Do you happen to have any references to the NASA research?  I've spent some time over the last few days trying to track down the NASA publications on aeroponic research (especially wrt the effect of droplet size on root nutrient uptake).  Apparently I suck at this kind of research…

  • justgivemethetruth 1 year ago

    I have a question for you.

    When you placed the spray heads you placed them all in the PVC tubing.  Have you ever drilled and tapped a hole in the fittings, such as the elbow or tee fittings?

    Also, how do you know how many spray heads your pump can support with a decent spray volume?  If you have too many spray heads you can lose your pressure, no?

    But, if you have too few spray heads, is it possible to hurt the pump by making it overwork?

    Nice practical videos, really appreciate the ideas.

  • 773steve 1 year ago


  • Eugene Chao 1 year ago

    where can i buy those spray heads?

  • Mary Sireanu 1 year ago

    Thumbs up excellent video

  • OgMandin0 1 year ago

    Gave u a thumbs up. However, brevity is the sole of wit. Also the soul of videos. We don't need to see you drill every hole and turn every screw and black out plastic w/ a sharpie.   =Do you plan/outline what you are going to video?   

    Anyhow, thanks for the information!

  • YouMockMe 1 year ago

    …but isn't DWC better for PH control or something? I was looking into SWC (shallow) and it seems ph was the reason everyone went to DWC. Therefore wouldn't that be the same problem here?

    ALSO (logic?)
    …in the reason that hydroton will absorb the bubbles for DWC, why so much coverage? Wouldn't it make just as much sense to only have 2 spray heads?

  • Robert treboR 1 year ago

    LOL sharpie?  I am sure anyone can find somewhere to spray paint something.

  • Tawanda Niccolls 1 year ago

    Hydroponics is a good system but it also have some drawback, you will need to shop for some "plant food", nutrients and supplements that can be costly. Before making any hydroponics system, you should check out the benefit from aquaponics system, which can automate 95% of work.