Zen garden concept and design. Landscape inspiration of Japanese Zen garden.

Zen garden is a rock and minimalist garden environment used in Japan. These gardens contain sand, grass, and gravel, and are made of thin stones without trees. Zen gardens with different designs can contain bamboo, bonsai, waterways, Zen and Buddha statues. The Zen garden at Ryuanji Temple in Japan is just one of the most famous examples of Zen gardens. Zen garden design and layout are easier than ordinary garden design. It involves pouring small rocks and pebbles on a flat garden and then tidying them up with a rake. The rocks and pebbles used in the Zen garden have meaning in themselves. According to belief, big stones represent islands and small pebbles represent the ocean. The minimalist and serene Zen garden is also the preferred area for meditation. Zen gardens are designed for parks, public areas, cafes and restaurants. They are completely different garden designs, and are the first choice for people who like minimalist spaces but don’t like planting plants. The miniature Zen garden is a good design and can be used for home decoration. Different miniature designs can be replaced with colored sand, gravel, Buddha statues and cacti at home. You can use the sand and gravel poured into the flower pot to design your own Zen garden.


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