When you need to grow food fast, simple and time-tested gardening methods are the way to go.

Single-row gardening died out with the dinosaurs, right? Not really! Just because it’s not as common as raised beds and intensive gardening does not mean it isn’t a great method. For #marketgardening and #survivalgardening, it’s hard to beat the ease and simplicity of single row gardening. In a very short period of time and with limited resources you can get a lot of food fast.

This garden is planted in single rows with 3′ in between rows, allowing us to garden with little to no irrigation as well as use very little fertilizer.

Get Grow or Die: The Good Guide to Survival Gardening: https://amzn.to/2vBI1dh

Check out Herrick Kimball’s Whizbang Wheel Hoe: https://planetwhizbang.blogspot.com/

Read Gardening When it Counts by Steve Solomon: https://amzn.to/3oxaN4t
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You Grew it HOW? 3 Crazy Benefits of Single-Row Gardening

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  • John Gurcsik

    I did this with tepary beans in my front yard and it worked great. I just used a weed whacker to make rows in the bermuda grass

  • Jen DuBay

    I actually ended up building inverted “raised” beds. I built them at the bottom of hills, 4’ between them, and 4’ wide. It catches all the water from above, and giving it time to sink in. Plus, being below grade, the temperature that my garden can handle increases. My neighbor’s garden- a few hundred feet from mine- all her brassicas bolt weeks before mine. It seems to work well.

  • Tommy McKiddy

    I just subscribed to your channel. The reason I did that is because I feel that you approach things in a scientific manner. You experiment, you come to conclusions, I like the way you do things. A lot of what you do doesn't apply to my situation, but I like to see things well thought out and tested, and the whole grow food first thing is great. It's very inspirational. I'm trying to go strictly organic this year, and I want to get away from tilling in my vegetable garden. I think you have some great ideas and you have the science to back them up.

  • Chickmamapalletfarm

    Back to basics. Moral of the story, grow something, watch, and learn. That is truly the most important thing.

  • A Fishes & Loaves Life

    So while I was try to turn brain into prepping mode and getting overwhelmed. You turned into David the Good farmer?!? At least that was what I thought when I first saw this, but man it’s Biblical and hula hoe on a wheel it’s the new upper body work out in Quarantine, with less back pain.

  • Alex123321Alex123

    Hello David, I saw you in a few videos saying "yam". Was very random, I like allotments and crypto and it seems two of my subscriptions have been combined.

    You are in a few videos, this is one of them, keep your eye out 😉


  • CitizenKate

    This is great if you have that much space to grow crops. A great many of us, especially in urban settings, have a fraction of that much.

  • bruiser Giraffe

    Was wondering something. Im a new gardener who has been watching your channel. I made my own swamp fertilizer is it safe to pour on the top of the plants I'm asking bc I put urine in it or should I only put it in the soil around the base of the plant. Any info on this would be appreciated thanks

  • aurora571000

    Compost your enemies! Vegan compost!
    Are these t-shirts available for sale? I did not find them on your website or on Amazon

  • imafine1

    Makes sense to me. Points out that you need to choose the best method for the current situation. I just read Ruth Stout’s no work garden book (old version free library discard!) which worked for her plot. She used mulch to reduce weeding and watering whereas you use a hoe and widely spaced rows. Good info!

  • Chuck J

    I was sarcastically thinking "OMG!!! Nooooo, he's not doing no till!!!!" 😉
    I know that it is late fall, but it looks/seems relatively dry. What do you plan on growing in the spring/summer? Any plans for watermelon and cantaloupe? When I moved away from the bayou country, I really missed the watermelon and cantaloupe. Always enjoy your videos.

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