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NichBoy gets all wound up in Yoshi’s Woolly World. –MORE GOOD GAME– twitter: @GoodGameTV, @bajopants, @hexsteph, @goosemangus Contributions may be removed if they violate ABC’s Online Terms of Use (Section 3) Video Rating: / 5 Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsWoolly Pocket at BBC Gardeners’ World 2012Woolly Pocket at BBC Gardeners’ World 2012Woolly Pocket at BBC Gardeners’ World 2012Yoshi’s Wooly World Part 1: Yarn Yoshi Takes ShapeWoolly Pocket – Vertical Gardening at Longacres!Vertikálne Kvetináče – Woolly Pocket Living Wall Planter

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  • fuzzyworbols 1 year ago

    reminds me of Little Big Planet in the best way :)

  • Michael Novotny 1 year ago

    "press down..ok…aaaand he poops.."

  • [cancer]Linus just the tips 1 year ago

    Went to buy this game with a green yoshi amiibo ended up buying all 3 yoshi amiibo forgot the game

  • cheese puff 1 year ago

    With a tongue like that i bet yoshi is every womens wet dream.

  • pointlessfailure 1 year ago

    Y "OH" SHE.  Not, "YAH" SHE.  Jesus Christ, learn to speak.

  • Alison Lee (Pinkgirl) 1 year ago

    "It's a safety blanket" Ha! Good one! Y'know, cause of the wool and all…

  • el Nikolinho 1 year ago

    uuhhh that egg throwing mechanic blows

  • lotto77102 1 year ago

    It's… So… Cute!

    I must buy it immediately!

  • Alex Hodge 1 year ago

    Woot #hype   #pocket100  
    But yeah I totally agree that the old Nintendo formula is becoming stale these days.

  • Blackhawkfound 1 year ago

    Nintendo are definitely making nice looking games. They just need to work on their gameplay variety 

  • Blue_Pie_Ninja 1 year ago

    So the point of this game is to stitch all your cut up friends together after Harry Potter killed them all? 

    Nintendo is so dark!

  • NintendoQuest 1 year ago

    Day 1 of 5 – Countdown to #Pocket100

    To celebrate I've established my Top 5 favourite Pocket episodes to date. (I've decided to only do ones with gameplay in it. So not Ask Pocket or interviews etc.)

    Before that though, here were the runners up…
    #10: EPISODE 51: Crypt of the NecroDancer
    #9: EPISODE 58: Wolfenstein: The Old Blood
    #8: EPISODE 61: Dyscourse Part Four
    #7: EPISODE 43: Record Breaker: Blindfolded Black Ops
    #6: EPISODE 80: ARK: Survival Evolved

    Now for Number 5:
    #5: EPISODE 26: Ori and the Blind Forest
    Reason: NichBoy's first episode after taking over Hingers and a fantastic game overall. Thanks Water Polo Chad.

    Stay tuned tomorrow for #4

    – NickName (from NintendoQuest)

  • caonum 1 year ago

    dont get hingers started on nintendo world championships

  • tetrisfan7001 1 year ago

    Well here it goes #004moretogo
    Hello everyone Tetrisfan7001 here!
    Todays favourite Pokemon is…

    #096 Drowzee

    See you tomorrow!
    <3 Tetrisfan7001

  • Kieran Gee 1 year ago

    GG pocket really needs to record @ 60fps

  • Camroon 1 year ago

    Nich I think it would be cool to see you and Bajo do a short spoiler-review for Arkham Knight on pocket, talking about the story elements you liked etc:)

  • TheGingerNinja 1 year ago