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Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles walkthrough part 1 where I shipwreck, collect Sprites while heading to the desert and farm Review: Subscribe for More! This is the first part of my Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles walkthrough on #ps4 where I explore this combat free game. It’s all about doing quests and helping others to save the land. This will be a short walkthrough as the main narrative isn’t very long. In this first part I’ll be farming the land while also collecting creatures. There will be the initial quests and review thoughts while I work towards the desert. There I get blocked by not having enough Sprites and travel to find more. Fun times. Related PostsIPCC Forgets Cloud Circulation in Antarctica & Vertical Farming Solutions (335)Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 422 – Primal Wall-nut! (iOS)Grow Tower: Castle Defender TD Walkthrough Part 1 / Android iOS Gameplay HDPlants Vs Zombies:Great Wall Walkthrough Part 2 (China Version)Grow Tower: Castle Defender TD Android/iOS Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1Business Daily _ Shrimp farming in the desert

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  • Skycaptin5lol 11 months ago

    Walkthrough will be two parts, short game.

  • MeeperMeeper 11 months ago

    Is it like autosave so i can just exit? its literally 12:30 am where i am and i just wanna sleep 🙁

  • bblurre 11 months ago

    Damn only 500 views? I guess this isn't that popular of a game

  • Spanky The Pubstar 11 months ago

    god this game looks terrible lol welp i wont be buying it thanks for the save!

  • Mephisto 11 months ago

    where are the lost crews?

  • Draconic ROS 11 months ago

    oh i just has a idea why you dant test zelda breath of the wild? i hs finish it but is will cool see you in the game why dant use the hardcore after you finish zelda breath of the wild