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Sorry for the loud songs in the background. It is navarathri celebrations here. Had to take the vid since i know i would not find time again any time soon. This is a roof top garden of yet another of my friends. His name is Yoga. His has been the most productive of our roof tops, particularly because he spends time. Interested in growing local and sharing surplus, his is a model urban garden. He even set up a small patch outside his wall from where any of his neighbors (or anyone on the road) can harvest food. Earth Care – since the whole thing is local, organic and benefit to the environment. People Care – healthy, wholesome, nutritious and fresh food production. Fair Share – sharing surplus with every one around, including bugs, birds, etc. Also returning surplus in the form of dried leaves as mulch, compost, etc., back to the soil. A low cost, high productivity permaculture urban garden. Also, the trellis on the roof is situated in such a way as to shade the house from hot winds. More permaculture ideas need to be implemented such as breaking the heat transfer from the cement road, but all in all, a veritable permaculture super start! Check it out! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsEdible Organic Roof-top Garden ‘Long’ tour! – Hyderabad, IndiaOrganic Edible ‘Beautiful’ Rooftop Garden – Hyderabad, IndiaOrganic Rooftop Garden (Hyderabad) – 1 (2017)Garden at Hyderabad 2nd floor roof topRoof Gardening Is the Hobby of this Family at HyderabadRetired Officer Grows Flowers On Roof Of House | Flower Gardening | Hyderabad | V6 News

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  • Alka Srivastava 5 months ago

    please hindi me bhi batayen

  • kristoff ceyssens 5 months ago

    love the music :p

  • khushbu merchant 5 months ago

    This is amazing…. M amazed to know that in such small patch he could grow these tallers like papaya…. 
    Was the papaya and other tall trees grown before they built the house around it?

  • Radhakrishnan G 5 months ago

    Very Nice Yoha. A very good inspiration to urban living people. Keep it up !! Thanks to the person who took us through your garden and uploaded this video.

  • Deepankar Joshi 5 months ago

    This is awesome! Hats off Yoga!!!

  • The Great Indian Rooftop Garden 5 months ago
  • Anil Shenoy 5 months ago

    the music is good for the plants 🙂 … anybody who does not grow their own food.. its their loss