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Sorry to bore you guys with more updates from this location, but I think it is important to get some of the info out now for those who might be more serious than others about going vertical. It has not been a perfect implementation but we have already learned a lot from this build and I am confident that we can make the necessary changes to improve efficiency even more. Related PostsMy 2015 Container Vegetable Garden Update: Another Small HarvestGrow towers part 1, update.Mittleider Garden Update: Albert & Irene’s Fall GardenIndoor Hydroponic Spinach Update – S2 Episode SomethingVertical Grow Tower Barrel UpdateVertical Farm | Another Way to Produce Food in Cities (HD 1080p)

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  • Cannabis Love 1 year ago

    Sub you rock! the vertical garden is awesome, have something similar at my facility.

    Cannabis Love

  • Jason Delong 1 year ago

    DAM haters take a look at what sub has put out before you spill all your negative comments.

  • keagan mcfearless 1 year ago

    too many lights

  • keagan mcfearless 1 year ago

    this grow sucks. very insufficent

  • Wesley Warren 1 year ago

    You are definitely on Meth.  Those are fucking meth plants arent they

  • The Man 1 year ago

    mad use and waste of space. but hay whatever works for you

  • bishplis 1 year ago

    wait what

  • slick ruler 1 year ago

    Victor supreme. Obviously you don't have a clue. This room is a fucking waist. 

  • gerry Bernard 1 year ago

    these plants are not getting enough light, buds will be loose and airy kind of a waste of some good genetics not to mention the electricity

  • Joseph Zayler 1 year ago

    12'' in. thats what she said

  • MrRecklessryan 1 year ago

    Imho this looks like a terribly inefficient grow, good job for experimenting so others don't have to though. i do love watching these types of videos because we get to see the many ways this wonderful plant can flourish. Peace keep it green.

  • slick ruler 1 year ago

    This room is a joke very inefficient there's not enough light or plants you want to run vertical run vertical bulbs OVER your canopy. WAIST OF MONEY AND TIME . 

  • Thetruthleaker 1 year ago

    Man, seriously, I was loving the idea and the set up, but mainly the work to make the set up, because many of us had the same idea but were either lazy (me) or lacking space (me) to go through with it :(, but no plants on the floor?  I think you can go around the things you pointed out on why you weren´t gonna do it, and sease those lumens, it doesn´t have to be many plants.
    Otherwise I don´t see the point in doing it at all 🙁

    It looks you can still pull the lights up if needed, but at least 12 in 7l containers in that space, put to flower with 30cm, up to 50cm if not too stretchy sativa strains , wouldn´t  shade the walls, specially if you just "string them down", LST, you could have a "table" using LST/supercropping/or an actual net, making uni-scrogs on each vase and putting one under each lamp, at least, although 4 plants in 7l containers would be both better and capable of good yelds under each lamp, even if lamp is kept horizontaly.
    Bottom line is there´s no excuse, with LST or HST or flower smaller clones, not to make use of that space and light. In my view it´s even counterproducing to just make the "walls" "per se", and not as a way to maximize light use. With your vases being at ground level, and behind the white stripe of reflector, there wouldn´t be any problems for roots cooking. It is perfect.

    You have it all covered man, you do have covered all the points to make an excelent ground grow with the "wall" thing. You have to really "scrog the walled ones so they don´t stick out in the direction of the lights, so in the case of only side plants you should have made them closer togheter I think, and scrog them (keep tieing them to the net, even up to a month in flowering, or more) to keep them near the net just like a normal scrog, only closer, to end like a painting on the wall. Otherwise you have to tie every shot to remain at a 90º position towards the lights.

    That is what I would do, but I would maybe try it with the lamps in horizontal position, with reflectors not bent down on the edges and then add that "side ways" "scrog" to make use of the light that normally goes in to the wall, and reflect 20% at best,  but doing a normal grow as the main grow, on the floor also, under the lights. I never though of this in the way you´re doing. Just to make use of lateral light.

    Otherwise it is super, congrats, the space beteen the plants and the room walls are perfect. You mentioned some "eat" worries, well,  you do have a few lamps, but very good wall fans for air circulation and a big and tal room.

    Good work ;), just consider my twist :)

  • john smith 1 year ago

    Damn dude are you on crack on something. Fuckin' non stop talking.

  • Haleigh267 1 year ago

    Way too much dead space in your garden. You could fit at least 2 dozen more plants in your grow room if you raised the lights and SCROG'ed it.

  • Haleigh267 1 year ago

    The plants are too far from the lights. How do you get the heat out?

  • acapolcogold 1 year ago


  • Colorado ChronicCoalition 1 year ago

    I agree this is a total waste of space.

  • Growing Cuz I can 1 year ago

    This makes no sense. A terrible waste of space. The point of verticle is to maximize space.

  • Paul Erricson 1 year ago

    its a dump grow…………example, if a guy instead of drive his car pushing his car to the supermarket, what you say? nice wqay of move a car? no………its a fuckin retard idea. he waste energy, waste space, will never gain anything with grow verticaly. i can produce in half of the room the double ammounts of weed, without vertical without all that space waste, without all the erngy lost from the light go to the floor and roof. if you dont know how to frow your own, be silent