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Video Rating: / 5 Music video by Rascal Flatts performing What Hurts The Most. (C) 2006 Lyric Street Records, Inc. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGreen Roof Overview by Greensulate CEO, Amy Norquist.OptigrShipping container house – Green roofBethesda Community Garden Club Selling and EducatingPrairie Green RoofGreening Cities Conference – Green Roof Maintenance by Ed Snodgrass

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  • Lashana Flood 1 year ago

    I absolutely love this video and songs, especially the first one. I have loved it since the first time I ever heard it. You young people are amazing, and there are no limits to what you can achieve individually and together!

  • Rémy Offredo (Offredo95) 1 year ago

    What hurt the most uh? well for me, the 35$ that I lost to buy SimVillage(SimCity2013)…

  • Kirsten Koehn 1 year ago

    love this song

  • Pamela Minutti 1 year ago

    Picando cebollas

  • Chris Harrington 1 year ago

    great song

  • Shari Anderson 1 year ago

    This is real music. I love it though it is soooo sad at the same time.

  • Raul Trigo 1 year ago

    my family

  • Yahoo. And Google+you tube 1 year ago


  • Piratão Games 1 year ago

    What's the name of this film?

  • Bhing Malaga 1 year ago

    every time I hear this song I feel like I want to die, no more love for me it's all gone, bye

  • Jonrobbie74 1 year ago

    what is with the awfully hilariously bad and overly dramatic scene at the beginning? Good song otherwise

  • thedude76555 1 year ago

    I remember this song

  • Katie Moore (Melina Dimambro) 1 year ago

    My mood right now…..

  • Beazley Will 1 year ago

    +sara dewberry. , I left wrong

  • MilPh03nix 1 year ago

    I'm bawling. Thanks guys.

  • Ryan Franz 1 year ago

    i miss you maria stengel… now your a Hillsboro beach police officer and im a junkie veteran…i miss you.

  • Derrica Schulz 1 year ago

    love it

  • SawaneeKimbirli 1 year ago

    This song came out in 2006, the same year my boyfriend was killed in a car wreck. I have probably listened to this song a thousand times and maybe commented a few times over the years. I used to hate this song but over time I felt like it understood my pain. It was a very bittersweet relationship this song and I had. August will mark 10 years since he died and it still feels like yesterday since we were last holding each other. It's crazy how you can love someone for so long. I think the worst part is how you replay those last moments in your mind every day, thinking of all the things you could have done differently to have avoided the wreck. Regret is a heavy, lasting feeling. I have prayed for God to take away my feelings of love and the regret, but they're still there. It's like there is a ghost following me that won't let me move on. But he did say that when he died, he'd want to be remembered.

  • Bannana Monkeybread 1 year ago

    when your racing to the bathroom and you don't make it in time

  • Autumn GummyBear 1 year ago

    This songs a killer