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Yellow Leaves in Hydroponics is a sign of nutrient imbalance in your Hydroponic Grow System. With Hydroponics, plants are completely dependent upon the nutrients you supply so it is important to recognize the signs of nutrient deficiency quickly so that you can correct it before too much irreparable damage is done to your plants. Learn more at: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsFeeding WEED Plants For BIGGER YIELDS – General Hydroponics FloraSeriesHydroponics: plants growing in waterIndoor Hydroponics (growing plants in water) 🌱 Garden vlogහයිඩ්රෝපොනික්ස් සාලද කොළ වගාව – Hydroponics Salad Leaves CultivationSEMI HYDROPONICS | PROS & CONS, EASY & DIFFICULT PLANTSSEMI HYDROPONICS | PROS & CONS, EASY & DIFFICULT PLANTS

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  • Thanks, I wished I saw your video weeks ago. I had something like that happened with MAXIGRO. The lower leaf turning a little yellowish with green veins and smaller (you can see on my video link . Last year, the same bag produced nice kale harvest for me. I have noticed some CLUMPED hardened powder (hard as a rock) last year in the bag but I just put it in the water to melt on one of my mixture. I wonder if that was the nutrient that was missing this year. I heard I may have had an old stock from Amazon. I did not try your fix, instead, I bought a new bag from my local Ace and that saved the rest of the plants, till harvest. I still kept the old bag and will use it for my outdoor fruit trees (1 tsp MG plus add 1/4 tsp/gal Calcium Nitrate, thanks for the tip). I also bought the Masterblend kit since I planned some sweet peppers outside and a good time to switch to Masterblend since I heard a lot of great things about it=plus MG's price went up too.

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    Thanks for sharing.Great info.